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Genres: Punk / Ska / Hardcore

Location: Arlington, TX

Stats: 43 fans / 19,082 plays / 101 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Paul, Mikey, James (salty), Tim, Chris

"The space between hardcore punk with horns and party ska is a tough one to inhabit, but Detonate does it with infectious, gleeful abandon. Highly recommended."
-Independent Clauses...www.independentclauses.com

Hello ladies and gentlemen, we are Detonate, a ska core band from the fancy part of Arlington, Texas. We are made up of members from bands such as Better Than Nothing, Designated Johnny, Cryptorchid Chipmunk, Made in China, and Teledildonics. More info when I feel like it.

Mikey E-bass
Salty C-guitar
Fat Tim-drums
Chris Hollywood Casey-trombone

NEW ALBUM!!! TITLED "UNDEAD!" out november 2007! 18 brand new songs!

tour dates up on http://www.myspace.com/detonateska


  • Sandrine Besteller said:
    Love this Music Apr 04
  • BiJaN_Fx said:
    Hello Everyone!!! Check out 40winks at www.purevolume.com/winkwink40 ..we're a skapunk band all the way from Malaysia!!! Do listen to our songs please!! and tell us what u think!! Peace!! Jan 26
  • lordcyrus said:
    thanks for the msg, actually calling you third wave ska didn\'t do you justice you guys are like kickass ska-core, the stuff that you just didn\'t hear enough and isn\'t around anymore. Do you sell that cd on interpunk? I used to get a lot of indie stuff off of interpunk, but I stopped for no reason damn. I need to get some new indie cds like now. This stuff is amazing! You make the Mighty Mighty Bosstones proud. :P Love Buck-o-nine too. old GoldFinger, Dance Hall Crashers, Mustard Plug, Less than Jake (Pre anthem) you got the idea. Dropkicks are good too May 13
  • lordcyrus said:
    Awesome music, I remember finding you guys before because of the Angry Nintendo Nerd parody that kicked ass. The two new songs you added are really cool. I love good classic third wave ska music with punk music. I don\'t really hear stuff like that anymore ever. May 05
  • Independent Clauses said:
    You guys own. Apr 18


Nov 30, 1999

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