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Derek Webb


Genres: Folk Rock / Acoustic / Experimental

Location: Nashville, TN

Stats: 296 fans / 8,174 plays / 4 plays today






"Derek Webb is one of the most important artists of our time and (upcoming record) Mockingbird is his most important record to date. He is becoming our Woody Guthrie."
Donald Miller


  • Dain said:
    Right up my alley. Aug 22
  • shanna;) said:
    please add mockingbird please :) Dec 08
  • mademan FIASCO said:
    Derek Webb has a new album coming out Tuesday called Stockholm Syndrome! Preview some new tunes at http://www.youtube.com/derekwebb Aug 27
  • Carrie said:
    Yes, please update this site. Apr 14
  • flightless thoughts said:
    i like the song \"a new law\", it has a sweet groove to it. if you have a chance, check out my song at: http://www.purevolume.com/chrismullen thanks Jul 10
  • dewgills said:
    I just started listening to your music, (thanks to a great PASTE review) and I am glad that I did. The new CD, the Ringing Bell is great, my favoriteof the year so far. But update this site! Jun 03
  • BrAnDy- said:
    One word... amazing. I love it. I cant point out one thing wrong... your one amazing guy. .. Jul 16
  • blue_sarv said:
    I\'m relistening to \"She Must and Shall Go Free\" right now, and I must say that I love how you speak so bluntly about the church and where we fail! We\'re imperfect humans, just like everyone else, but God loves us so much anyway. Your CDs show this. Your music\'s great too! Jun 09
  • HayleyRose said:
    If I had anyone\'s ability to write lyrics, it would be yours. Keep it up. =) -Hayley Apr 22
  • CameronWoodward said:
    Derek, I love your music. Thank you for your music and art. Apr 14

I See Things Upside Down

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I See Things Upside Down

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I See Things Upside Down

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