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Genres: Death Metal

Location: Roma, Italy

Stats: 1 fans / 144 plays / 12 plays today






Members: FABIO BAVA (Vocals, Bass) - MARIO DIGIAMBATTISTA (Guitar) - FABIO VARRONE (Guitar) - JORGE CHUNA (Drums)

Demonian was formed by Frank Kollen in 1999 with the only aim of proposing death metal inspired by Florida style. The band made numerous live shows and took part in important ferstivals as in 1999 Truth The Lie Revealed was available. The responses for the first album were pretty nice, and on stage songs like Capitels For Decapitation and Perhaps Mephistophelean Faust shocked the audience for their rawness and brutality. After that some members of the band quit in spite of new ones, the line up troubles were finally solved and Demonian started its live activity again. Due to his continual ups and downs from the United States to abroad, Frank Kollen decided after the release of the record, to stop the band for a couple of months looking for another record company. In the meanwhile Demonian was occupied by songwriting and searching for brand new musicians. In the end of 2004 Frank Kollen got in touch knowing pesonally Fabio Bava and Mario Digiambattista deciding to take them unto his band. As they worked up to the new songs, Catechism For Genuflected was released in 2006 through Nelly Records quickly. After many troubles had with Frank Kollen, Demonian decided to recruit from Russia the new drummer Oleg Chulkov at his place. During 2006 Diego Muro left and Fabio Varrone joined the band as second guitarist. In the August 2006 the drummer Oleg Chulkov was replaced by Jorge Chuna from Venezuela at once. September of the same year, brought the band at Rock Tv for one hour live interview, at Extreme Metal where Demonian also introduced for the first time, the brand new videoclip of Demises Advent speaking about anything concerning the outfit activity. With the forthcoming of the new year, for 2007 Demonian will promote Catechism For Genuflected in various live shows in Italy and also with interviews on the radio.