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Genres: Punk / Hardcore / Ska

Location: USA

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Members: Vikko-Guitar/Vox Paoitalianlastname-Bass Fish-guitar Nate-Plays Drums ALL MEMBERS DO BACKUP VOX

Demoncratic Dictatorship was formed by a bunch of small children in Cumberland. We are very inept at playing music and our instruments should be taken away and they should put us in the institution.

we got a recording thing so weel have cheapo demos soon. hooray
ask for one, theyll either be really incredible inexpensive or just free altogether, ask in like a month or two because thats when we would probably have them good.

check out our soundclick its got mui lots of music on it that you can download, we also have a sick medley of crazy train and iron man thats online somewhere but you cant download it from the internet cuz we didnt write either of those songs, but we can probably send it to you through an email so yeah ask about that sometime.

please dont judge us by the songs in our player because they are among our worst songs, our best songs havent been attempted to record yet because wiht our un-expirience it wouldnt justify the fact we actually wrote good songs so one we know what were doing weel have GOOD songs on here, wiht the typical vikko and paoitalianlastname sarcasm wiht them.

please, if you know anyone having a party after the next 2 months, PLEASE OH PLEASE TELL US!!! WE NEED SHOWS!!! the reason we say in about 2 months because recently we inducted a new drummer who has not yet practiced wiht the DEMOnCRATIC DICTATORSHIP fold yet, and when he does, man (or woman), you had better be ready for an uprising.


  • spootastic5000 said:
    i heart the tunes. if i was cool enough to have a party i would totally make you guys play. peace Jun 25
  • callmekassie said:
    You guys are too funny. Sweet songs. =D Apr 11
  • callmekassie said:
    You guys are too funny. Sweet songs. =D Apr 11
  • goodmusicgoodlife said:
    Hey Guys my cousin introduced me too you because apperently she knows one of your girlfriends...mike\'s i think...val?...umm yeah so just dropping by to say hi and your songs are pretty funny :] nice work guys. Jan 11

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