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Genres: Metal / Acoustic / Experimental

Location: Morris Plains, NJ

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4 tracks

Members: Tim Seck: Guitar/Vocals, Vishal Vaswani: Guitar/Vocals, Damien Duleba: Bass, Matt Seck: Drums


Show the love if you saw a sticker with this site on it and typed it in your browser out of curiosity! Listen/Download our music. This site offers the easiest way to do so. Also, check our other sites to see what the latest goings on are with Demagog because you might miss something like a show, a blog, or even NEW MUSIC or NEW VIDEOS! (I don't have the time to update every site all the time, plus it's a bitch) but anyway, enjoy what's on here and I hope your Demagog experience is a pleasant one! Thanks for Listening! Scroll it!


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If you must know the Dictionary.com Meaning of DEMAGOG:

1. A person, esp. an orator or political leader, who gains power and popularity by Arousing the Emotions, Passions, and prejudices of the people.

2. (In ancient times) A leader of the people.

–Verb (used with object)
3. To treat or Manipulate (a political issue) in the manner of a Demagog; obscure or distort with emotionalism, prejudice, etc.

Demagog started in the summer of 2009 with Guitarist and Lead Singer (Grim) Tim Seck and his brother, Matt (The Wrecker) Seck who shreds the Drums like a beast with rabies. They recruited (Vicious) Vishal Vaswani for his righteous skills in the string department and singing prowess. Demagog of course was not complete without the pounding, thunderous roar of a Bassist yet until a month or so soon after putting together their first 2-3 songs as a band. His name is (Deadly) Damien Duleba, and he 'll kill you with a jab of his Bass Guitar and his motto is "Play some fucking metal!" He was then hired on the spot soon after proving to be a most excellent addition to Demagog with his brutal Bard-like abilities on every musical weapon he touches.

The members love music and metal and have so many influences to get lost in. Not only are they influenced by bands and musicians but the very experiences in Life and Memory itself serves a crucial factor in writing their own stories with Rhythms and Melodies. Demagog utilizes their instruments as a means to vent and express themselves in a way they may normally not be able to project with just words or thought. This band will impose their feeling into you, force you to do their bidding, and you can't do anything about it because they are DEMAGOG!

Band Interests:
Drinking tea, fucking shit up, thrashing about, acting aloof, guns, knives and violence. Playing, practicing, fucking with music, jamming, beer, Magic Hat, StormKing Stout, Black Label, Heineken, Singing, Beer pong, things that kick ass, Metal + all kinds of (good*)music

Influences and Random Words!:
DEATH, Megadeth, Superdeath, Ultradeath, Arch Enemy, Testament, Iced Earth, The Black Dahlia Murder, Lamb of God, Exodus, Kreator, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Metallica, Dark Tranquility, Manowar, Slayer, Black Label Society, Black Sabbath, Thursday, In Flames, Stratovarious, Hammerfall, Queensryche, Godsmack, Alice in Chains, Nirvana, Gwar, MANOWAR, ,Korn, Disturbed, Bruce Dickinson, DIO, Rodney James DIO, Meatloaf, Rush, Tom Petty, Lynard Skynard, Ray Charles, Cannibal Corpse, Morbid Angel, Dying Fetus, Godsmack, Nin, Rob Zombie,Tenacious D, Led Zepplin, Pink Floyd, Coheed and Cambria,Zakk Wylde, Pantera, DimeBag Darrel,Limbonic Art, Windir, AC/DC, Finntroll, Burzum, Folk metal, Emperor Coheed and Cambria, Radiohead, Opeth, Mastodon, The Allman Brothers, Nile, Between the Buried and me, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, David Bowie, Jim Bowie, Bowie knives, Guns, Explosions, Grenade launchers, Full Metal Jacket, The Mars Volta, At the Drive-In, The Doors, The Clash, Rage Against the Machine, Shadows Fall, Chimera, Music, Metal, Rock, Hardcore, Core, Grindcore, Nemesis Complex, Twisting and shouting, Chuck Berry, The Zombies, Ogres, Evil Dead, Bruce Campbell, Shotguns, Ties, Kirby, Smash Bros, goats, dresden codak, Newgrounds, Adult Swim, SMBC, Explosm, xkcd, Jack Cannon, Hark a vagrant, Pictures for sad children, Mtv, Fuse, Tv,Radio, Advertisments, Propaganda, Subliminal Messages, Brain, Mind, Hell, Fuck, Shit, Damn, Stuff, Crap, Fun, Nothing, Bear and Kitten, Ugly Hill, Greasymoose, 1/0, Blue and Blond, Overcompensating, Questionable Content, Gunnerkrigg Court, Dr. McNinja, PVPonline, VG cats, Scary go round, Templar AZ, Hulu, Melodic, Math, Classical, Jazz, Blues, Funk, All Genres, Anything, Everything, Life, Experience, Memory, Words, Feeling, Emotion, Power, Speed Metal, Power Metal, Ballads, Power Ballads, Hard Rock, Alternative, Hate, Fear, Sorrow, Joy, Anger, Happiness, Malice, Skulls, Black Metal, Winter, Fall, Autumn, Good Music, Bands, Local, New Jersey, North Jersey, Morris County, City, Town, Shows, Concerts, Local Shows, 80's Metal, Yea! 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OMG! 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  • Dabin D said:
    Hey, I love you guys! Get that demo going! Feb 22

The Trial

Jan 10, 2011

Live Demo

No release date

Dabin D

Maplecrest, NJ


Graystone Pk, NJ

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