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Genres: Pop / Hip Hop

Location: New York, NY

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DELCO, (AKA) Les Francoeur, has been recording music since the age of six years old. His music is a direct product of an era obsessed with junk culture and is a self-proclaimed overexposed pop-culture junkie.

He began in '86 by recording the drums off his miniature Yamaha keyboard with built-in sampler onto his sisters silver S2000 boom box from Sears. Once he would get that on cassette tape, he would then take his lower-end boom box from Service Merchandise with a new cassette and record a rap to the drum track he just created. He would then get yet another boom box, press play simultaneously on the other two boom boxes and record both cassette tapes on to a brand new, higher quality, TDK cassette that he would take from his parents convenience store. And thus, DELCO had entered into the world of multi-tracking on his own, without guidance.

DELCO started performing his original songs for his classmates with his friend Travis Gonya on the beat-box up until third grade, which at this point, DELCO got transferred to another school in a little town two hours south named Thomaston, ME.

He, went on to play snare drum in grammar school band class and eventually would learn the basics of the drum set to play in various bands in high school. He slowly obtained more and more advanced recording equipment using computers, Mackie mixers, Alesis SR16 drum machines, his fathers Bose speakers and so on and so on... Songs started to become more developed and sonically impressive.

At the age of 14, he went into his first professional recording studio to record his demo with his friend Matt Hunt that he had met a few towns over. Together they formed a rap group named Ph.D and toured around the state of Maine playing various youth centers, YMCA's, camps, and parties.

By '99 DELCO came out with his first full-length solo album entitled "Sleepless at Sunset" when at the time, he was going by the name of L.E.S. This was a Hip Hop album laced with funk, rap, and R&B. His Rap track "Keeping It Going" went to number 1 along with his funk track, "New York City" at number 2 on broadbandtalentnet.com (Billboard Magazines music community in 1999) in both their online radio and download sections. This scored DELCO a position in the Grammy Issue of Billboard Magazine in 2000.

He was then asked to sign to a large indie label out of New Jersey that he chose to decline for various reasons. Mainly due to the music industries tendency to take you and the talent you have and mold you into something just a bit different, something different from who you truly are.

DELCO stayed independent and went on to perform at S.O.B's in Manhattan, opening for the legendary Poor Rightous Teachers (Wise Intelligent), opening act for The Fugees.

His love was for the studio and began working with Carlos Laurenz (Mary J. Blige) and Henry Aretta at Mambo Recording studio as an assistant engineer recording Hip Hop, R&B, and Latin Music in New York City and also with Vic Stefans (SWV, Blues Brothers 2000) at Horizon Studio in New Haven, CT. He also worked at a Harlem record label/studio named Bread N' Butta where he engineered/produced a national large indie rap act.

DELCO then left Manhattan and returned to Maine to complete his BA in New Media at the University of Maine.

He has since been producing and engineering various projects throughout New England including working with Boston's hottest new Singer/Songwriter Jon Robert (JR).

He now lives in Roslyn Heights, NY on Long Island and is taking time out to get back to his own music and prepare for the release of his second full-length album, this time under the name, DELCO.



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May 01, 2007