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Defining Moment


Genres: Rock / Post Hardcore / Screamo

Location: Tallahassee, FL

Stats: 150 fans / 20,804 plays / 106 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Austin, Toby and Micheal

Defining Moment is a 5-piece pop punk/indie rock band from Tallahassee, FL. On Tour All The Time. The band has opened for acts such as Fall Out Boy, Mae, Copeland, Elliot, Armor For Sleep, Allister, Anberlin, Further Seems Forever, The Starting Line, and Keepsake to name a few. Check out Defining Moment at a town near you

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  • Abraham said:
    Thats because mayday parade is a merge of defining moment and kid named chicago. Nov 28
  • ilikeloudnoise said:
    hmmm...dead friends tell no tales, sounds a lot like another band i know\'s EP. Jun 09
  • LindseyLoou said:
    Where can I get a copy of \"Dead Friends Tell No Tales\"? Jun 03
  • said:
    hayy you guys are pretty kick ass! love to listen to you guys cant wait till you do a show bi me. Jan 06
  • punk_rock_HEARTBREAKER said:
    omg u guys ROCK OUT LOUD!!!!! Jan 04
  • said:
    hey do these guys know a gavin jones? Nov 21
  • IhateParis said:
    Sep 12
  • Angelicuuh said:
    Add Comment here... Jun 20
  • moshpit_x3 said:
    heyy. i met you guys in warped kc. = ] you guys rock. Dec 27

Spring 2006 Pre-Release

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