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De Epitome

our new malay and english songs will be released


Genres: Alternative / Emo

Location: Other

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4 tracks

Members: Luffy, Blindnecrose, Adul, Deal, G5 and Khai.

Greetings everyone!

We are De Epitome, a six piece band hailing from Brunei Darussalam. Established in mid 2005 and rocking on till now. We are currently independent and manage all of recordings and practises by ourselves (kinda gotten used to it..). All of the songs listed here are self made and composed. We are completely new and still searching for our genre. But in the meantime we prefer alternatives as it has a wide scope of songs styles and arrangements..maybe we will stick to that? :P anyways thanks for droping by and dont forget to leave a msg or feedbacks to all of the songs listed. All of the songs are downloadable for now.so grab it while its there. hahah :)


Mid of July 2005, THE EPITOME was formed by Luffy along with his other companions from highskool and current ones. As guitarists, bassist and drummer itself but searching for vocals was not as easy as expected.

4th-6th December 2005,Our 1st glory as a newbie to record and release our 1st single ever. With da title of "CONVERSATION". Received lots of feedback at the same time glorious ends within a month.

24th March 2006, 2nd single was recorded. "MOMENTS OF TRUTH" was sang by our new vocalist, Khai.This song proves that different people with different interest.

11th June 2006, We created a malay single which is something new for us. But at the same time we discover lots of issues and agreement. But so far "KISAH KITa" was accepted.

30th August 2006, 1st time ever received an invitation from Pelangi FM to attend the Rising Star interview.

21st November 2006, Finally the 4th single, "LALALA(Like I Care)" was recorded and released :)

7th January 2007, De Epiome was listed as the TOP 35 (No.9..kewl~) Local Artist based on airplays in local radio stations.


La La La (Like I Care) is the newest on our list of self made songs. Its about a guy that is considered as a loser and is attracted to this girl which is considered to be the hottest girl around (this is the oldest and yet useful song ingredient in the history of music :p). And as the day goes by..the girl is some how attracted to this loser. And the loser seems to know this..and use this as a fact and tells the whole f**king world about it. Being a loser..it is utterly impossible to get the attention of a girl, but hey..shit happens right?? And when shit happens..take full control of it and make it as your advantage (why not?). The way this song goes is some how 'In your face' kinda song..whereby this guy is satisfied being a loser and at the same time date a hot chick!!


  • mz_lating said:
    hye./..asslamualaikum..wah bth dah liana nda cek ne:) Jan 06
  • MaLeena Maltesers said:
    I like saat terhapus. :) Jul 05
  • kenji said:
    yo ckenji neh gudluck guys Nov 15
  • Tee1312 said:
    hey guys.. wana wish u all the best always.. Dec 26
  • Tee1312 said:
    hey ol d best guys.. =) Dec 26

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