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Deep Down...


Genres: Rock / Acoustic / Pop

Location: Pomfret, MD

Stats: 1 fans / 148 plays / 8 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Nick DelaCruz- Guitar, Vocals. Evan Ponter- Guitar, Vocals. Christen Burke- Drums, Vocals. Alec Brenneman- Bass. Blake Ponter- Keyboard.


Deep Down started up from the grave of Without A Right. Former members John Black (bass, vocals) and Evan Ponter (guitar, vocals) teamed up with drumming prodigy and singer Christen Burke (drums, vocals). Together, a slightly different sound has been created. A more meaningful and thought out selection of songs, lyrics, and all the in betweens will make you love to hear this band. Our variety stretches from the metal to the acoustic, from the screams to 3-part harmonies. You will be surprised. 


John and Evan have already been working together for years with another drummer and guitarist in a four piece band known as Without a Right. JB couldn't always make the practices and gigs so they had a substitute fill in for most of the time playing bass. It wasn't until May of 2007 that JB was finally in the band and got to play at a show. Shortly after, the guitarist and drummer disbanded, leaving JB and EP with nowhere to go. 
Over the summer, Evan met Christen and had a crazy idea to get a band back together again. So he called his good buddy John, who couldn't be happier to have the chance to play again. In September of 2007, they all met for the first time. A couple months of casual practices followed, nothing too serious, still just getting to know each other. Then in November, everything was coming together very quickly. They were learning 4 or 5 songs in a very long day of practice. They had 20 cover songs perfected and 2 originals. It was time to start gigging. 
Luckily, a foundation known as "Schools for Schools" was looking for a band to play at their fundraiser. The freshly named "Deep Down" (before the dot dot dot) booked the job and became supporters of sending money to Africa, mainly Uganda, to build schools for the children. The fans started accumulating. The local venue, My Brother's Place, even heard about this young band and was eager to book them for a show. As December went on and January came, the gigs started piling up. They had an audition or a show every week it seemed. 
In January of 2008, the three-day Talent Show at North Point became their biggest publicity show. "Deep Down" became "Deep Down..." to avoid confusion with other bands. They met up with Amity, who shares the stage with Deep Down... at many shows. It was an awesome three-day experience. The fans loved them all three nights and they continue to hear back from that crowd about bookings and making T-shirts and how they really enjoyed the show. 
Through February and March, they played many shows at MBP and the local fan support has really grown. April was slow but then things picked back up in May as they added a second guitarist, Aaron Green, who influenced the band greatly and bringing in songs like "Teasing To Please" by Cute is What We Aim For. He had to part ways with the band as he had other musical journeys to embark on. For the trio, the originals started coming through more as they sat down to write. 
Their new EP is finished and up on the Myspace page as you can tell. If you would like a copy of the CD, send us a message saying you are interested and we'll give you an address to send the money to (PayPal, checks, or money order) and then we'll send you a CD. the cost is $3 plus shipping. 
As time went on, they knew they still needed a second guitarist. Blake Ponter joined the band playing keyboard and covered as many second guitar parts as possible. And with his help, the band was led to a young Nick DelaCruz, who entered the band a week before Park Rock and brought songs like "F.C.P.R.E.M.I.X." by Fall of Troy and taught us all how to shred. 
The trio was now a solid 5 piece band up through Park Rock. But with John Black moving to Alabama, and Evan Ponter going to college in Baltimore, something had to be done to fill in the gaps. The search for a bassist was on, and after a few attempts, Alec Brenneman finally meshed well with the rest of the band. Evan has started doing more vocal work due to the absence of John.
Now they are writing original songs and playing whenever possible during the summer and other times when college is not in session.
This band's fanbase is growing everyday as they play more and more shows.

Where Will You Be When Deep Down... Plays? 

---Deep Down...