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Dear (Your Name Here)


Genres: Acoustic / Pop / Rock

Location: Lloydminster, SK

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4 tracks

Members: Joel French, Terry Sokalofsky

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Dear (Your Name Here)

Poignancy clenches your emotions when your heart is caressed by the emotive acoustic pop of Dear (Your Name Here). This music paints with all the colors of the human hearts spectrum, leaving a trail of emotional power that lingers in the air like the perfume of a beautiful women, leaving a tingling sensation inside that hints of bliss.


Emotions are what music is all about, says Dear (Your Name Here). The art of writing good music is the art of shaping emotions through art. Music, for me, can invoke a number of emotions. Part of the emotional rush of music, according to this artist, is the release of pressure, the breath of catharsis that music brings. This is part of the package that Dear (Your Name Here) brings to its listeners. Music is most often a release of the pressures of daily life.


Music is also a form of personal empowerment, according to Dear (Your Name Here). For the artist, it is the strength of holding an audience in your sway, of touching the hearts of others and of finding a pathway for your feelings. I often feel empowered by music, as I believe it allows me to voice my views and opinions with a shout rather than a whisper. For the listener it is experiencing emotional intimacy with others through the sublime, mystic and distinct plane of musical energy, connecting with the artist and with fellow fans in a unique way. Music somehow has a way of communicating things to people that they would not normally understand or even be exposed to. One of the goals of my music is to facilitate this type of communication to expand the intellectual horizons of my listeners.

The Artist at Work

The summer of 06 saw Dear (Your Name Here) recording a debut album, A Speck of White under the supervision of producer Brian Johnson (Coldplay, John Mayer, Elvis Costello, Lifehouse). The following summer found Dear (Your Name Here) engaged in the artists first ever solo acoustic tour, a three-month excursion. Dear (Your Name Here) has evolved to a full touring band with a spring/summer tour on the way. In January 2008, Dear (Your Name Here) heads into the studio with producer Mark Troyer (Kiros). The resulting EP will hit streets in spring 08. Dear (Your Name Here) is currently working with A&R Select, the leading indie A&R firm in Hollywood, CA.

"Dear (Your Name Here) has mapped the terrain of the human heart with incredible precision for such a relatively young artist." - A&R Select


  • Talee makes headlines. said:
    =] Mar 29
  • OsMoNd said:
    Great Job Guys! Hope to see you guys in concert this summer!Your musuc is awesome! Mar 04
  • XxHaRdCoRePrInCeSsxX said:
    I love your music xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo Dec 31
  • southrnpimpcess817 said:
    \"Please Find Me In Your Dreams\"... God spoke to me throught that song. thank you. it is AMAZING. you have no idea how bad i needed those words today. wow God is insane the way He does these things... thank you again. Dec 31
  • NotEvenClose. said:
    i think i love u. Oct 17
  • rae_flo said:
    i love your music!! i play guitar and wrtie my own songs too. i have yet to make a band username yet, so when i do, ill cmnt on it!! lurvee rae Sep 25
  • Akasha69eyes said:
    Your vioce is amazing and the lyrics so beautifal and feeled with emotion I love it. Sep 19
  • surfchk13 said:
    let me know if you\'re ever in orlando Aug 12
  • made_in_the_80s said:
    that\'s some really rad music Jul 19
  • natrat said:
    you have a great voice Jun 20
  • dino_nerd said:
    Wow I really like your music. You have a great voice. Jun 15
  • kylebbb said:
    Add Comment here... Jun 10
  • HardxCore hearts x3 said:
    Add Comment here... Jun 10
  • my_life_sucks said:
    your awesome keep up the good work i love your songs and your hott Jun 08
  • said:
    Wow. i was looking at top artists and i found you and you are amazing =]] i am like totaly iin love with your music! Jun 08

Just Pull Back

May 06, 2008

A Speck of White

Mar 19, 2007


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