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Genres: Electronic / Indie / Rock

Location: Atlanta, GA

Stats: 60 fans / 2,650 plays / 8 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Peter Felix Armstrong - Sings/Keyboard/Guitar. Jesse Greene - Guitar/BGV. Chris Wall - Bass/BGV. Ricardo Melendez - Drums.

So the band started a little over a year ago in Atlanta. Chris and I (Peter) recorded Sex is a Sin with me filling the vacant keyboard/drum slots. It sounded just lovely, received a good many plays in the first day, and we started looking for the other members. Gradually it all came together. Jesse left his life in Florida and lived in our practice space so he could be here playing guitar with us. Shortly after, Ricardo auditioned and it was finally a full band.

After rehearsing for a few weeks, we recorded 3 more songs to complete the demo. This was January of 2006. We all loved the results and gave about 1000 away to spread the word about Dearestazazel. The feedback made us feel like kings and we started preparing for the full length CD.

The shows started in about April, and we played a bloody lot of them. We cant seem to get enough of the stage. The show eventually evolved into a melee of fog, bubbles, thrashing bodies, lights, and banging heads. So much fun

In August, we recorded Come Closer. It was difficult and cruel, but we conquered and are proud of our work. So far, the CD has sold a good many and we still like playing the songs live.

Our new EP, "Touch Me", was finally the fulfillment of the sonics the band desired. Produced by Chris Unck, we recorded it in a few days and the results blew us away. This is a great work of art and we're confident you'll agree.

Currently, we're writing music, booking tours, and looking forward to our first label release in Spring of next year.

Thanks for listening. Please keep in touch. Fondest wishes.



  • Dita said:
    hey, check out my side project called Crown Ether at http://purevolume.com/CrownEther, thanks! Apr 13
  • delete this! add jordynforpresidentxoxo said:
    I saw you last night in Columbia, MO. You guys are amazing. Im putting pix up of all of us soon, so check them out. Sep 25
  • TiffanyAnnBAMx said:
    David and I love Dearestazazel Nov 02
  • SammiHeartCORE said:
    Hey, I heard about the 6th. So where are you guys playing now? I heard in Ft. Walton but where? The Brew? And what time? Sep 19
  • Reyonek said:
    I don\'t think you quite understand. I want you ...to touch me. Feb 05
  • Lubasha said:
    Great songs. Keep up the good work. Rock on! Feb 02
  • said:
    hey! well you have no comments.. so i decided to give you one, \"amazing sound.\" lotza love Jul 27

Touch Me

Apr 01, 2007

Come Closer

Oct 31, 2006


Mar 01, 2006


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