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Dear Dakota


Genres: Rock / Alternative / Pop

Location: Gainesville, FL

Stats: 528 fans / 29,281 plays / 0 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Zane Bezesky, Mike Gray, Jamey Gleason, Tyler Cole, Eric Milsaps

Addictive brand of atmospheric pop

-Alterntive Press Magazine

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"Defying Dakota"

Sorry, Dakota, but these guys are going strong. Named in defiance of an ex-drummer's girlfriend's lack of faith in the band, Dear Dakota's retribution comes in the form of success and fans. Channel One News got an intimate account of the Gainesville, Florida-based band's exploits over the past year in a funny, five way phone call.
And, what did we discover? Not only does Dear Dakota know how to have a good time, they also know how to collaborate when writing songs for their debut album…
…The song's lyrics, "I can feel the sunrise," not only represent the band's success over the past year, we hope they'll also mark Dear Dakota's fate…

-Channel One News


  • Emily said:
    Wow. I just came back to this page after a couple of years hiatus, and the updated "Hello...Anybody?" is immensely impressive. I've been in love with the acoustic version for so long, but this studio version hits my feels just a bit harder. Beautiful growth, Dear Dakota. Beautiful. Thank you for moving me. Jun 02
  • Dawnn said:
    i love the name ofyour band, ode to an ex is my FAVORITE, and i love ur voice :) Aug 25
  • rawkergurl said:
    love the story behind your name! Jul 13
  • Jess Brock said:
    I lovee yoouh guys Jun 14
  • Rachel And Jess :) said:
    u guess are awesome hope u'll tour the uk would be awesome :D Jan 04
  • Waallldo Megan said:
    great band! Dec 07
  • Kelleigh said:
    You guys are in my top ten favorite bands!! Along with Blink 182, Anberlin, Breaking Benjamin, Vanna, Our last Night, and The Devil Wears Prada...you are awesome Sep 21
  • Shelbee said:
    Dear Dakota, you all havee my heart with yewr words:) Sep 06
  • Leesa Marie said:
    i first heard about youuu guys in the AP&R show with Tim Karan.. and i fell in love Aug 21
  • Joe Seaver!! said:
    This sounds so awesome! This is definatly one the new great bands of my summer. Aug 07
  • Brittany said:
    :] Aug 05
  • Andie said:
    Heya If you had the time I'd be grateful if you checked out www.purevolume.com/andieball Cheers! Aug 05
  • Joel from Prom Night said:
    Hey! If you guys like Dear Dakota you will like my band. We are a powerpop band from Canada and we've played with Katy Perry and All Time Low! Come check us out, you can download one of our songs free! www.purevolume.com/promnightinblackandwhite Aug 04
  • MackyToT! said:
    why is the songs incomplete??!!! bullshit!! Aug 04
  • Andie said:
    Heya If you had the time I'd be grateful if you checked out www.purevolume.com/andieball Cheers! Aug 04

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