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Deadly Apples


Genres: Rock / Industrial / Metal

Location: Montebello, QC

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Members: Live band 2008: Freak, AL, Gabbio, OL

Many of rock's most influencial bands emerged from odd places - Seattle, Des Moines, Bakersfield to name a few. Soon to be added to that list is Montebello, a small town between Montreal and Ottawa where Deadly Apples - the mystical industrial rock-metal band fronted by singer and mastermind Freak - was founded. Avant-garde music often described as a modern version of classic Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson and Ministry, while yet maintaining its own unique and accessible sound. On-stage chaos. Constant increase of success, rumors, controversy, remarkable opening slots for major label bands. It is not really surprising that DA has been labeled as the Quebec band that destroys everything on its path. The group is now ready to take siege of the Montreal music scene with its brand new album, Infected.

Anyone who's had the privilege - or irreparable trauma - of witnessing Deadly Apples live only has one word to describe the experience: intensity. It is no different this time around, thanks to Infected, the band's second disc that propels its sound to a whole new level, serving once again as the soundtrack to Freak's psychological - or rather psychotic - thematics in the context of general infection. He bares his soul and spills his guts from his usual emotional honesty. Produced, performed, recorded and mixed by Freak, Antoine Lamothe (Endensa, Syntheticuse, Dee) and Dan Pelletier (Minds, Vengeful) in Montreal, Montebello and Daytona Beach, Florida, then mastered at Wild Studio in St-Zenon by none other than Pierre Remillard (Rush, Dimmu Borgir, Grimskunk, Cryptopsy, The End…), Infected produces an atmosphere of perdition, dirty, melancholic and cathartic - sometimes magnanimous, sometimes neurotic. Combining a cold electronic brutality and a warm deep softness, the product remains however accessible and catchy to a large audience because of its eclectism.

The result found on Infected is a turbulent climax of Deadly Apples' last few years, as much on stage as away from the spotlight. Music serves as Freak's perfect outlet to conquer his inner turmoils, his obsessions and the traumas caused by religious conformism during his youth, while being at the same time the ideal creative form to carry his love of art, intelligence and culture. He therefore founded DA in 2002, creating a solid reputation of wild performances and unconventional music. The first disc, Metamorphosis Has Begun, was quickly recorded in 2005 with minimal production taken in charge by Freak and Jean-Guy Bruneau (Les Chiens Sales, Ukko). Its goal was to re-create the brutality of the group's concerts back then. Following its sold-out release concert, the album received critical acclaim from the industry and is still appreciated by many despite its raw content. Followed a few years filled with out-of-control concerts around the province, growing success, increasing notoriety and excesses that encouraged Freak to seek a loneliness favorable to the intense creativity that gave birth to the concept of Infected.

Deadly Apples is getting back on stage in 2008 to offer an even more intense live show - is that even possible?! - to pass on to their fans the burning infection of the new album. Freak (vocals, guitar, keyboards, samples and tambourine) will be accompanied by Lamothe (drums), long-time collaborator Gabriel Maurice (bass, keyboards) and Pelletier (guitar). On top of the live performances, a music video and a short film for Infected are being developped and produced by Lamothe, who is already well-known in the film industry in Montreal. The pair is already working on new songs that might be part of the band's next album. Finally, Freak is also starting to write his first book of essays, poetry and philosophy and he plans to organize an exposition on abstract photography to be shown in art galleries. Hang on, because all this is only the beginning!


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