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  • Missing castles in Germany. Thinking about putting together a big photo/blog journal of our experiences in... http://t.co/BjYcR31V

    May 26, 2012

  • Do yourself a favor and listen to our friends Old Accusers' new album "All is Shrouded But a Voice is Still... http://t.co/MvB2A7Jp

    May 25, 2012

  • We are honored to be a part of the latest compilation from The Blue Indian! You can download it at the following... http://t.co/7vXoRNaA

    May 24, 2012

  • Photo: http://t.co/RKKUPgOC

    May 23, 2012

  • Photo: http://t.co/uJlpcuVr

    May 23, 2012

  • Check out some live footage and an exclusive TV interview we did for FIX in Slovenia!... http://t.co/D97hvhA8

    May 23, 2012

  • CHECK OUT TRAVIS' OTHER BAND Black Mask. For fans of hardcore and grind! 2 new songs up! http://t.co/LqPvY6c5

    May 22, 2012

  • Our friends in the band Mike Mains & The Branches got their van, trailer, equipment, merch, band money, and all... http://t.co/v1JsXEv9

    May 16, 2012

  • Photo: Group tour photo captured this morning in Vienna, Austria. We’re the cutest little family! http://t.co/L5nE7IQI

    May 15, 2012

  • Seriously, there's nothing better than a good old fashioned tour group polaroid photo! Taken in Vienna, Austria... http://t.co/ClYmnuxv

    May 15, 2012