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Genres: Christian / Christian Rap

Location: Nashville, TN

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Members: Tobymac - Kevin Max - Michael Tait

Tobymac - Alive And Transported

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ike modern-day musical Lewis and Clarks, the three members of dc talk have spent more than a decade exploring uncharted territory. Along the way, this acclaimed and best-selling band of pioneering musicians has transformed the Christian music industry and broken down the walls. Their albums have mixed rock, rap and pop in previously unimaginable ways, winning numerous Grammy and Dove awards.

heir energetic concerts have continually broken new ground for rock performance and theatrics. Their video and film projects have expanded the boundaries of music and movies. Now, Toby McKeehan, Michael Tait and Kevin Max are (Read More...)


  • losergirl4jesus said:
    http://www.whatyoudowhenimgone.com/ Mar 20
  • Moi! said:
    dctalk is no longer with us... but their songs live on. Jan 06
  • shanna;) said:
    u guys rk to bad that u guys broke up but u guys r the real jesus freaks :) Dec 08
  • kaychick^_^ said:
    u guys r th REAL jesus fr3@ks! ur music was awesome, n even tho u rnt stil a band, it still is! lya!:D Jul 30
  • JordanTyler said:
    Best band in the World. Strait up. Feb 26
  • Ashley M. said:
    Could you please add "In the Light" (aka "I Wanna Be in the Light") to your playlist? It's my FAVORITE song! :) Thanks so much! ~A sister in Christ Feb 06
  • God and soccer r my life! said:
    u guys r awsome, i love jesus freak! Sep 25
  • Hardcorechicka said:
    loved the "Hero" DVD with Tait in it! You guys are an old band, but u were great! As for Tobymac now, well ur music has made it big time! Keep liveing for Jesus and you guys will live on forever! Aug 30
  • 1Panda1 said:
    I May 30
  • Maddie :) said:
    hey i miss u guys being together but im still a fan of all! hows life? im sure u guys probably dont go on this purevolume much but if you do i hope u read this. please comment me or send me a message. or just drop me an email at relientk4ever902@aol.com Your sis in Christ, Maddie (relientk4ever902) Oct 20
  • ardencyrampager77 said:
    back in the day i had to be one of your biggest fans, your song Jesus Freak changed the way i lived my life. i love you guys and wish youd get back together for an album or something. but hey, toby and michael you ROCK on your own too. keep it up. Sep 12
  • Llama_Sensei said:
    I read some article on the internet about how you guys weren\'t really Christian because you refered to Jesus as just \"all right\" and Christians as \"freaks\". Whoever said that must be socially retarded; you guys have a total way with words and know how to captivate every generation. You\'re my favorite band forever! Sep 10
  • esmpk7 said:
    whoa... freakin\' out!!! ttly thought u guys put out actual new music.... whoa. i\'se bouts to go on JfH and freak out on some ppls... Sep 09
  • Scarlett Rose said:
    yaya- more songs up! kinda sad that i wasn\'t a fan until after you split up. i completely support TobyMac, Tait has some good music going (AWESOME cover of \"One\" by U2) but i haven\'t heard anything about Kevin Max. Sep 09
  • said:
    You guys are awesome! I don\'t really care if they label me a Jesus Freak there aint no disguising the truth! Jul 10

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