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Day Minus 7


Genres: Rock / Alternative

Location: United States

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Members: Vocals: Cliff, Lead Guitar: Mike, Rhythm Guitar: Kit, Bass: Eddie, Drums: Cody

A punch to the face is what radio needs to end the ceaseless mediocrity, DayMinus7 is that punch. The Quartet began as two friends in Cape Coral Florida with a dream. That dream of course is to be one of the biggest rock bands of their generation. We are now at the beginning stages of that dream.

Cliff and Cody worked on projects since Cliff moved to Cape Coral Florida. It was there they met through a mutual friend. Later was introduced to Kacey through the local music scene. Soon the three piece (with Cliff on guitar) played throughout Florida at local clubs, podcasts, and local radio block parties. As time passed they grew together musically, and Cliff put down the guitar to concentrate on singing. So began the search for the right guitar player. By chance Kit walked into the music store where Cliff worked and started playing guitar. Kit was in the band soon after that.
The band's sound really came together quickly with Kit on guitar, with well choreographed melodies and harmonies.Cody's powerful beat. Cliff's melodic voice and powerful lyrics compliment the music. And tying it all together is Kacey's solid, groove tone. With all this talent coming together, it's no surprise that Day Minus 7's drive, and compelling sound, would catch someone's attention.
Eddie at Red Rocket Entertainment took notice and quickly placed them in the studio with acclaimed Producer Paul Trust who has worked with such bands as Endo, Diecast, EkoTren and Atom Smash to name a few and soon after they begun working on writing the band's debut EP.
Now fresh out the studio the band is set to take on the world. One only has to ask are you ready for DayMinus7…?


  • Mike said:
    Ditto to wish the EP was online. You guys are great but I tried to contact you via your website and that wouldn't work. Wants me answer a question to prove I am human but doesn't ask any question?? Gotta get this sh!t working if you want to get recognized... Apr 07
  • Rock Chick said:
    Love u guys! Wish the EP was online to buy. May 23

Day Minus 7 EP

Apr 08, 2009

Rock Chick

United States

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