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The fundamental Triathlon Gear You're Probably Forgetting

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Most triathletes spend the majority of time during the days and weeks in front of you race planning their triathlon gear for that race itself - shoes, helmet, bike, wetsuit, goggles and all the important elements to complete a triathlon. But the most of these same triathletes don't consider post-race triathlon gear needs.

But if you display in the race transition area with a backpack full of the essential triathlon gear you are going to need after the race, you will be prepared for an infinitely more comfortable and successful race and recovery. So without further ado, listed here are the fundamental triathlon gears you may be forgetting:

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Electrolytes: Sure, to avoid cramping you might already use salt capsules or perhaps a sport drink with electrolytes throughout the race - but after a race, you continue to sweat and lose valuable salts and minerals. Additionally, one responsible for muscle soreness is calcium leakage within muscle tissue. So after each race, I spray my legs and arms having a topical magnesium - which can displace the calcium as well as replace a notoriously deficient mineral. Since I added topical magnesium to my post-race triathlon gear, I've specifically noticed a much faster heart rate recovery, and less "dead leg" phenomenon after an event.

Protein: If you can consume a combination of protein and carbohydrates within 20-30 minutes after crossing the conclusion line, your muscles will have the proteins they need to repair the muscle fibers that become damaged during a triathlon. Unfortunately, most triathlon finish lines offer bananas, oranges, energy bars, pizza, or any other foods that are notoriously lower in protein. Pack your personal protein, and you'll be set for far faster recovery, that is especially important if you want to return to training or racing right after your event. I personally put a bottle of something called "Recoverease" in my backpack, which contains essential amino acids and enzymes that really help in protein digestion.

Wipes: Maybe you have finished a triathlon and realized that although you are going to need to hang in there for a few hours to chat with friends and attend the award ceremony, you stink to high heaven? Often, jumping into the swim venue just doesn't seem to wash that stink away, and most triathlon finish line areas don't have locker rooms designed with showers. Coupled with sweat, bike oil, blood, gravel, sand, dirt and all sorts of another compounds that collect in your body during race, it can be downright unpleasant waiting for in your post-race filth. But by putting some baby wipes, or better yet, some environmentally friendly, athlete-designed Actionwipes to your post-race triathlon gear bag, you'll smell of a spa, feel clean, and look great - particularly if you have to hop on the podium.

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Clothes: With regards to post-race triathlon gear, it appears like clothes would be a no-brainer. But whether clothes are easily forgotten while packing a bike, wetsuit along with other crucial items, or folks just don't keep in mind that there are lots of post-race hours spent waiting for and socializing, clothing just doesn't appear to make it into many post-race gear bags. If you peak in my post-race backpack, I always have
a) an appropriate, breathable t-shirt or tanktop;
b) loose-fitting cargo shorts that won't chafe against sore areas;
c) underwear which will wick away sweat as well as not chafe against sore areas (I favor a brandname called Slix, which you can look for on my blog);
d) flip-flops, sandals, or another type that by no means resembles a athletic shoes.

By either leaving a backpack filled with this essential post-race triathlon gear in transition area, or using a spouse, friend create it for you after the race, you will be looking for a faster recovery. Beware that some races do not allow "loose" transition areas with backpacks strewn about, so be ready for the latter option.

Posted May 14, 2012 at 8:44am