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Dave Madden


Genres: Acoustic / Rock / Pop

Location: New York, NY

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"Meet Austin's Dave Madden. The Austin-American Statesman says of Dave's music, "If someone walked in mid-chorus, he or she might think it was a lost track from the Coldplay's "Parachutes" sessions." His music is earthy, his songs intelligent and well written, his voice downright sexy in that whisper/raspy/creaky way I like so much." -Amanda Newman, finelinelive.com

In the midst of a singer/songwriter sea of throaty voices, Dave Madden is a pleasant surprise. A talented guy, yes: His songs are altogether catchy, yet fraught with meaning. His delivery is impeccable. Trained at the prestigious Berklee College of Music, he moves deftly between the piano and various guitars. He's got a penchant for writing music that lodges itself into your head. His sexy delivery, combined with a body and soul investment into each performance, keeps his fan base loyal and growing.

But there's a helluva lot more to Dave Madden and his music. As a child, his interest in music was profound. He showed prodigious signs, immersing himself in music theory and recognizing music as a language. Dave's early mastery of music led to a tendency to bend artistic rules and challenge authority; he was excommunicated from his entire high school music program for repeatedly correcting the teacher. Dave is never content with the status quo. His scientific leanings give him a unique approach to song writing, and a thread of skepticism weaves through even his loveliest offerings.

His spiritual pursuits in college left him with solid views on what he didn't believe. "I knew I didn't want to force some creepy version of my beliefs on strangers," he says now. But within his music there's something very comforting. It's as though his assurances are based on years of experience, and you believe him, forgetting that he's still a young man. And it's here that Dave's music is transcendent, because it is wholly authentic. Even in Austin, the realest of real towns when it comes to producing great song writers, Madden stands out as a testimony to independent, socially conscious living. There's an invitation in many of his offerings, and the listener realizes it's not a plea-- it's what he was already wanting to do, but couldn't quite put it into words. Neil Young could do that. So can Dave.



Anything Goes

Jan 07, 2007


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