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Genres: Hardcore / Metal / Punk

Location: Pawtucket, RI

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Members: Righteous Dudes

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DAUGHTERS are a five-piece musical fistfight from Providence, Rhode Island. Bastard children of the New England hardcore and noise scenes, DAUGHTERS frequently get mislabeled as a grindcore band. In truth, DAUGHTERS present a new kind of spastic musical confrontation that exposes narrow-minded metal-by-numbers for what it is (boring) much to the satisfaction of fans that recognize and appreciate creative musical ambition. Their latest release, 2006's Hell Songs marks a significant artistic progression for the band, building upon the chaotic intensity of 2003's Canada Songs with fleshed out arrangements and debauched lyrics delivered in desperate yowl. PopMatters described it as "The most dramatic stylistic shift by an extreme band in 2006, Hell Songs is a mere glimpse of what this immensely talented band is capable of."

DAUGHTERS thrive on presenting a memorable live experience. Their shows are explosions of precise intensity served as a platform for frontman Alexis Marshall's particularly personal brand of connecting with the audience. Not afraid to reach out and touch (and occasionally exchange bodily fluids with) their fans, DAUGHTERS deliver their songs with no shortage of sweat and confident passion. Not for the faint of heart, DAUGHTERS present the listener with something of real substance, something with feeling. Or as Decoymusic.com put it, "Daughters are fucking insane."

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Label - Hydra Head

Management - Sargent House

US Booking - The Agency Group

UK Booking & PR- Positive Nuisance

US Press - Solid PR



Hell Songs

Aug 08, 2006

Canada Songs CD

No release date

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