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Genres: Experimental / Electronic

Location: Dallas, TX

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Hello, well this is D.A.T.A. It's hard to describe what type of music this is because, well, its never been done before to my knowledge. Um, i guess the best way to explain it is that sounds similar to electronic music, but it is all made out of acoustic instruments/sounds/things. Most of everything i do is either my voice or an acoustic guitar. I dont use any keyboards, samplers, or drum machines, just usually use my acoustic guitar, my voice, random everyday objects, and tape recordings i have collected. I hope you enjoy what you hear. And if you have any questions about my music or you would like my CD you can e-mail me at chrisadams@swbell.net.

My first official CD is out now, here is the Track Listing:

Our Heart

-1. My malchick *
-2. Lumenix Citx Mix
-3. Lumenix Drax Mix
-3. Countdown/AcA
-4. Me in Major C
-5. Shroom Woog
-6. fPqleCiPe
-7. Flix
-8. Kru mes lo
-9. Veyers Miyo
-10. murmur *
-11.Escapism Figure 1

A lot of people ask me what my songs are actually made out of so i guess i will list the 3 songs i have availble to download's insides.

Kru mes lo- This is actually in 7/4 time so it was sorta new to work with. It took me about 3 weeks to make this piece. The beat is entirely made of me beatboxing. I then went and cut up parts of it later. The melody is made out of my acoustic guitar. I used an ebow on the strings to get a more violinish sound. An ebow vibrates the strings magneticly, its a pretty neat little toy. And other parts of the melody are made out of my voice. The decresendoing dadadas mostly.

Lumenix Drax Mix- At the beginning i have a sped up recording of a friend of mine playing guitar,*Masumi*. It then moves into random cut ups of her voice and acoustic guitar. Then the static acoustic guitar comes in and everything goes balistic. Lots of cut up acoustic guitars(the metalic swishes) and alterations of my voice, me clapping and stomping my feet. The big boom sound is my voice totally warped up and taken down a few octaves. Then some extreamely sliced voice clips come in. And then another acoutic guitar part comes in when the static guitar fades out. For this sound i had to change the actual waveform so that way it is more square-wave like rather than sine-waveish. This was mostly done using dynamics. Then i just cut it up a ton. More sliced voices/conversations. Then it actually moves into the song Countdown/AcA which i guess i planned as a continueation of Lumenix Drax Mix. The count down is made out of the same wave deformed acoustic guitar. Then there is a small clip of my friends playing harmonica*Nicky,Ryan* Then more wave deformed acoutic guitar for the rest of the song along with my voice for the beat. And thats it. Its a biggy. It took about a month and a half to make. Hope you like it.



Our Heart

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Las Vegas, NV


United States


2006 New York City plane crash, United States

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