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Darlington Pair


Genres: Indie / Psychedelic / Pop

Location: Staunton, VA

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Members: Wavley Groves, Josh Smith

Darlington Pair is Wavley M Groves III, Josh Smith, and a rotating cast of astronauts and space cadets that are kind enough to donate their time. EccoHollow is our home, our studio is lovingly built and maintained by Wavley, whose career as a Senior Technician at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory gives him access to some of the world's leading minds in the field of electronics. EccoHollow's sound is the result of the constant questioning of electronic structure, the smell of flowing solder, and the warm glow of vacuum tubes; a place where endless loops of tape run freely across heads leaving a trail of ferric oxide and all reverb is created in a large cistern wired for sound. The artwork of Josh Smith and Piper Groves surrounds us and gives visual representation of Darlington Pair's world. The films of Roberto Rosaly serve as a muse for Darlington Pair and a home for our music. Wavley and Josh were Space Program and members of Explorer 1. Josh's wonderful experiments in song structure and texture can be heard as The Towering Heroes of Grenada. Wavley was also a member of Modern, Michael Furey, Glenn Branca's "Halluciation City for 100 guitars", and Rhys Chatham's "A Crimson Grail for 200 guitars"