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Dan Santana


Genres: Acoustic / Rock / Pop

Location: Northwest, IN

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Dan's Bio:

Born and raised in Northwest Indiana, Dan Santana has a bloodline filled with musicians. From his father, uncles, cousins, grandfather, and great grandfather have all played instruments and even made them. Even with all these influences around him, Dan didn't really begin playing music until his teens. He began playing drums and percussion in middle school, and continued to play all throughout high school. Midway through high school, he picked up a guitar, and fell in love with it. Forgoing any lessons at his fathers request, Dan began learning to play by ear. He listened to the radio, CD's, and read songbooks. His distinctive and unique guitar playing style is a direct result of Dan being self-taught. At 19, Dan began to hone his skills on the acoustic guitar, and began writing songs. At age 20, he finally got enough confidence to start playing out at open mic nights. Many compared him to John Mayer, Jason Mraz, and even Dave Matthews. Within a few months of playing out, he was asked to host a weekly open mic night. Dan began playing at coffee shops, colleges, and bars all throughout Indiana and Chicago. In October 2005, Dan recorded his first album, in one weekend. It's comprised of seven acoustically driven songs, aptly named "No Excuse E.P.". Ironically, he played every instrument on the album but the drums, which was the first instrument he learned to play. The songs are melodic pop, John Mayer-esque, and near radio ready. These song are about love, loss, and living life with a purpose. With his smooth vocals and impressive guitar playing, Dan Santana continues to advance his career, and is determined to reach as many people as he can with his message: Live life all the way.


  • CrazedChick514 said:
    Heya... I see that you\'re playing in Valpo, and I know that I\'ll be there. I\'ll drag a few of my friends with me too... I love your stuff. Awesome, awesome, awesome. Friend me, won\'t you? Feb 27

No Excuse E.P.

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