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Genres: Indie / Ambient / Acoustic

Location: West Dundee, IL

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Members: Dane

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hey internet.

lets talk. i just put up some new stuff, check it out if that's your thing.

Dear Airplane demo - it sounds shitty. but its so REAL. the whole thing has vague touches of sarcasm, especially those opening two lines. the *big* verse (02.13.00) has some of my best lyric writing, its all conflicted internal monologue. you should click that little 'lyrics' tab and read them.

Dear Airplane [sinking stone mix] - what do you get when you stuff loops behind the vocal tracks of the original 'dear airplane demo'? probably something like this.

jlm demo - this track is powerfully uncool. but that kinda the point. ive been thinking a lot about this concept; the idea of satiating desperation at the expense of external personal image. intensity is created there. i think there's something so real about that. this track is me positively wringing myself out on audio recording. sidenote: i'd really like to do a collection of super-depressing mid-fi children's hymn. it could be amazing, and nobody's ever done ANYTHING like that before.

the drum (just listen, you'll get it) is an enormous orchestral bass drum, and i created the sound by beating the hell out of it with nothing but my bare hands.



the chapel sessions

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The Seeds of Failure

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