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Daily Lyrical Product


Genres: Hip Hop / Rap / Indie

Location: Chicago, IL

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4 tracks

Members: Jus Love, Iluminate Mics

Artist Information

Daily Lyrical Product Consists of artists Jus Love & Illuminate Mics.


What's the best thing about a compelling story? One told of life experiences over a musical backdrop that is at times organically lush and other times gritty and sparse. Or is it one that provides a sonic backdrop full of true examples of raw lyricism and musical intelligence pleasing to the ears? Well, Daily Lyrical Product knows that all of the above are correct and then some.....striving to produce just that on a regular basis.

Daily Lyrical Product is a hip-hop group consisting primarily of MC/producer Jus Love and MC/poet IllumiNate Mics. These two musial prodigies first met in 2005 when Jus Love sold his solo EP "Emphatic" to a then skeptical IllumiNate Mics. After hearing Jus Love's skill IllumiNate Mics reached out to JL and the brainstorming began.

After recording a track together, "Move It", the tandem began collaborating more often, eventually resulting in JL offering Nate a role in his group DLP (then only a concept). With music wheels turning, the duo created the recently self produced, self-released album, "The Product" in November 2006.

During the creation of the album, DLP began hosting a weekly open mic at Chicago's Spoken Word Cafe and participating in various local talent and music shows. These opportunities allowed DLP to collaborate with other local artists, some of whom are featured on "The Product."
IllumiNate Mics is an active member of YCA, Young Chicago Authors allowing him to display his spoken word and poetry skills across the nation and incorporate this gift into his music. Jus Love has began taking their hip hop creations in a rare direction by include the raw acoustic sounds and other musical instruments. Being fresh on the music hustle allows DLP the unaltered nerve to compose music that can be appreciated by hip hop and music lovers alike.


The Product



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Jun 15, 2007

The Product

Nov 10, 2006


Aug 01, 2005