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New Track "Kaleidoscope Part II" out !


Genres: Progressive / Rock / Metal

Location: Ahlen, Germany

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Members: Achim Harhoff - guitar; Andreas Blechmann - keyboards; M.B. Forrester - drums; Klaus Hogrebe - bass; Larry Lee Lehmann - vocals

They are BACK ! After a long sleep, due to the band not only having lost their bassist but at the same time a very close friend, their enthusiasm was thwarted in carrying on as a band. However some years later they awoke from their long sleep, and carried on doing that what their old bassist would probably have wanted them to carry on doing, and that was making music. This tragic loss had also made them stronger, better and more creative in their works, after all they had a good length of time to gather up new ideas for the future! Worth it, it was.

And so again from the original foundations of Cuerock in the 80´s they where back in the scene, being more melodic but also more intricate/extrovert+ intellectual with their new emerged brand of progressive rock. They where joined in 2010 by a very accomplished/professional British frontman who himself was a very highly respected and known vocalist on the U.K. music scene of the late 70/80´s I.e. new wave of British heavy metal, touring and billing with such names as Praying Mantis, Tigers-of-Pan-Tang, Thin Lizzy, Krokus, April Wine and many more. So now Cuerock were finally fully equipped for a furious new start ahead.


  • Holzi said:
    So long you´ve all waited, but it will have been worth it, 'cause now they are back and even better than they ever were, perfectly fitting in timing, for the X-mas festivity period – what a nice gift for under the Christmas tree 2011/12. We hope you will like our new website! We would appreciate your personal feedback, your views and critics, which you are able to leave on our side! It will enable us to strengthen the quality of our website! Watch out for Cuerock 2012! Mar 09

Days Of Future Passed

Aug 03, 2012


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Ryan Powell

Ipswich, United Kingdom



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