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Genres: Rock / Alternative / Pop

Location: Other

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Members: Benri Cadiz (vocals, guitars, keyboards), Dodjie Garcia (guitars), Roy Cruz (bass), Bitoy Milan (drums), Inigo Mortel (guitars)

C-SHARPJAVA is an alternative movement, a contemporary journey to the human psyche, with music as a medium of transmission.

C-SHARPJAVA got its name from the combination of the C-Sharp & Java programming languages, but somehow adapted its own connotation of each; C-Sharp in the sense that the key of C-Sharp is uncommonly used as a base chord, the idea of being uncommon came very appealing to the band; Java... well the band enjoys coffee & a box of donuts while working, the idea of being 'working class musicians' came appealing as well. And that's what the band really is. C-SHARPJAVA.

Genre: Well really, we don't want to limit or brand ourselves or be classified to one thing. We tend to apply anything or everything that we think could best pierce the listener's soul. But we could say the 'forte' of the band is basic rock; we grew up with rock, rock is our base.


  • cindermarsh said:
    nice songs! Keep em\' coming Ayt! \" Maniwala gave me an LSS : ) Mar 29

The World In C-Sharp

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South Jordan, UT


214 North Temple Condominium, United States

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