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Genres: Metal / Death Metal

Location: Montreal, QC

Stats: 483 fans / 15,879 plays / 5 plays today






Members: Lord Worm - vocals Jon - lead & rhythm guitars Alex - rhythm & lead guitars, vocals Eric - bass Flo - drums, vocals

Reinventing and redefining metals boundaries, CRYPTOPSY, recognized worldwide for infusing extreme music with awe-inspiring precision, rabidly dynamic rhythms, and mouth-foaming viciousness, have earned music fans respect inside and outside the metal community. The bands viperous recordings and punishing live performance have confirmed their place in musics elite. Founded in 1992, CRYPTOPSY were launched into the international metal scene following their Ungentle Exhumation demo release and debut CD, Blasphemy Made Flesh. Quickly signed to Swedens Wrong Again Records (who also discovered In Flames and Arch Enemy), the band issued the underground classic None So Vile (1996), which severely outclassed peers and resulted in the band being cited as having reinvigorated the style. Their intense energy and musical superiority led to their Century Media international record deal and also the American re-release of their previous two CDs. Hand-picked by departing vocalist Lord Worm, Mike DiSalvo (ex-Infestation) recorded with CRYPTOPSY on their following albums Whisper Supremacy and And Then Youll Beg. DiSalvo performed on the groups numerous tours across Europe, Canada, the U.S. and Japan. Vocalist Martin Lacroix filled in for their 2002 touring and performed on 2003s None So Live concert experience. Injecting renewed excitement into their committed fan base, Lord Worm rejoined the band with their spring 2005 North American tour, a move longtime devotees urged him to do for some time. Recorded at Studio Vortex in St-Constant, Canada by producer Sebastien Marsan, herein lies Once Was Not, an album representing the bands power and versatility. Lighting the albums fuse is an acoustic/electric guitar intro entitled Luminum. Descending with whirlwind intensity, In The Kingdom embodies the entire CRYPTOPSY experience: acid-jazz infused extreme technical metal, battle-honed guitar riffs, strategically supportive and deadly effective bass guitar, culminating in the omnipresent rhythmical onslaught from drummer Flo Mounier. Once Was Not demonstrates the licentious cohesion years of touring and performing has given CRYPTOPSY. Hear why they are one of metals defining acts and why they have earned the distinction of being mentioned in the same breath as Mesuggah, Cannibal Corpse, Morbid Angel, and Dillinger Escape Plan.

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  • METAL JOSH said:
    killer tunes Jan 18
  • master london said:
    http://www.purevolume.com/DAYOFTHEDEAD28799 please listen... Jan 25
  • The Shifting Equilibrium said:
    Flo Mournier- Possibly the best drummer in death metal. Jul 14
  • Chris_Chronic said:
    SLIT YOUR GUTS!!!!!!!!!!!! Jul 30
  • Wewill said:
    Death Metal rocks (Y) Aug 30
  • iLiSiNtOdEaThMeTaL said:
    i fucking love you guys! Nov 28
  • iLiSiNtOdEaThMeTaL said:
    add more songs ;/ Nov 28
  • Cassandra_Soals said:
    You%u2019re music is amazing. What you have created is extremely enjoyable. I the rifts are awesome. They way it is put together causes astonishment. You have a formidable array of compositions with your music. And I love it. Thank you for creating excellent music. Nov 13
  • Id88 said:
    the pestilence.... is the only song ive herd so far from you guys. why dont you put up more? Oct 28
  • The Paradise Rock C:D said:
    Add Comment here... Aug 28
  • biggestmetalfan173 said:
    i need some song man Aug 25
  • Deathofsun said:
    Hey Crptopsy. Next Time you come to Edmonton make sure Lord Worms fly is done up. LMFAO :P You guys rock Peace Mar 11
  • jessika said:
    flo... luved u at long and mc quade... in mississauga... Mar 06
  • said:
    now... thats death metal!!! Feb 08
  • Mayhem1616 said:
    you guys are badass Jan 14

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