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Genres: Rock / Classic Rock / Metal

Location: Rocklin, CA

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4 tracks

Members: Linus Oliver - GUITAR & Brian Roxxy - VOCALS

Northern California's Rock n' Roll, Attitude & Entertainment Band. Dripping of sex, fun and everything that is Rock n' Roll. Not a throw back, but the dawn of something NEW!!!... Taking bit's and pieces, from bands of the 70's & 80's and bringing it to the masses of the 21st century.
If you're tired of seeing 4 or 5 guys stand there in shorts or flanels and scream out lyric's you can't understand, playing the same tired riff's. Then look no further, We are the cure for the Blah's. Every show is a chance for women to get dressed up and dressed to kill. and for every guy to come check out the eye candy. Drink a few beers, get loose and just Rock out to catchy songs.
Come see what so many have seen so far, become a part of the CRY ENVY show. And then you can tell them you were one of the first, not just a follower. But an original fan... You bring yourself & we'll bring the music. It's Party Time and you're invited!!!!

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Cry Envy

Come join us @,
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Do you want a ***FREE 9 SONG CD*** Then contact the band. and we'll get you a copy.


  • Glamrocker67 said:
    You Guys ROCK!!!! I saw you Rock the BOARDWALK & The ROADHOUSE.... I am gonna be there... I want the CD, When is it going to be released.. I heard something about PERRIS RECORDS was interested.. Jan 05


No release date


United States


Rocklin, CA

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