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Genres: Rock / Pop / Indie

Location: Austin, TX

Stats: 939 fans / 118,313 plays / 25 plays today






Members: Stella Maxwell, Urny Maxwell, Dave Hawkins, & Yogi Maxwell

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Cruiserweight is a female fronted pop-rock band from Austin, TX. The four-piece band, consisting mostly of siblings and fronted by the youngest Stella, released their first album Sweet Weaponry on Doghouse Records / Heinous in February 2005. The band supported the album by sharing the stage with bands like Hot Water Music, The Get Up Kids, Saves the Day, Dashboard Confessional, Strike Anywhere, The Anniversary, Rx Bandits, and Avail. An interview in The Austin Chronicle had this to say about the hometown band; "fans take their songs to heart because they recognize themselves in the experiences Stella relates in her lyrics. By the same token, they attract the sort of listeners for whom music is about something beyond just being popular, sitting at the coolest table in the cafeteria, or having the current flavor of the week cued up on your iPod."

Musically, the band have a knack for crafting empowering songs based on Stella's own experiences. Personally, they happen to be one of the most likeable bands. "Of the five years we've been in this band, there've been so many different trends that have come and gone," says Hawkins. "There's something to be said for just being yourself and doing what you love because you love it. I think kids can see past it. They can see that we're just who we are."

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Cruiserweight Doghouse Artist Page
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  • John Miller said:
    Hey Guys, Love your work. You guys have some really good gear. Did you get it at AmpUrBid.com? Sep 12
  • AshleyLeigh. said:
    You guys rock. XD There’s a band called Bright Light Avenue, they are awesome. Let’s help them get 200 plays today && fan them!!! (: www.purevolume.com/brightlightavenue Apr 29
  • Jonny Waffle said:
    Hey! We are The Radioflyer, come by and download our free EP, or just have a listen :) Purevolume.com/theradioflyer Jan 06
  • AccidentshaveNOholidays. said:
    you guys were my first concert ever back in like 2002, you guys are still great Aug 15
  • Wicked Celtics Buttrock Street Team said:
    xoxo Jul 25
  • Happiix said:
    Oh wow, I like your voice! May 22
  • remarl alvarez said:
    i really love ur song i want to download it May 10
  • ==Anna-pants== said:
    i LOVE LOVE LOVE you... when im sad i listen to your music... i dont think i would have made it through a breakup i went through last year if it wouldnt have been for your song Goodbye Daily Sadness and well all of your other songs... i love your new CD too XD Dec 15
  • DELETED said:
    add the song vermont on here! its awesome! love you guys Apr 27
  • xXxShaperxX said:
    Yeah, she\'s jesus effing hot. the music isn\'t bad, but I hope she\'s good at stuff other than music.. God a girl like that needs to do videos.. aheemmm.. Dec 14
  • ashleyrod2004@yahoo.com said:
    hey guys let me know when yall r back in austin,yall rock tha joint at red eyed fly Dec 13
  • Chief Patrol said:
    Stella, may I please fall in love you? a friend from spain. Mar 26
  • toughtuffxmaddie said:
    come to houston againn ehh? :] Jan 04
  • said:
    I heard at the end of the tunnel on the real world last season. chyeah. yous are grrrrr-eat! =] i love your music i listen to it in morning before school because it puts me in a good mood. Nov 07
  • theLoveyousold said:
    I can\'t wait for your show on the 14th, it\'s going to be great. Oct 04

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