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Genres: Christian / Rock

Location: Johnstown, PA

Stats: 3 fans / 181 plays / 10 plays today






Formed in 2001, out of western-Pennsylvania, Crosswinds has been first and foremost a ministry. We thank God the Father, Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior and the Holy Spirit for every word, every chord and every beat of the drum.

We are a Christian hard rock band playing everything from acoustic to all out, in-your-face electric guitar rock. We believe in mixing different styles of our genre into our set to reach a broad age spectrum no matter if you like Crosby, Stills and Nash or AC/DC. It is our calling to appeal to the youth of the nation, as they are the ones to carry the church into the future. Though we do not perform for others or ourselves, we do believe in having an entertaining and lively stage show - all being Gods glory, if we should gain any praise, let it go to Cavalry!

Crosswinds has seen different phases and lineup changes since conception, now matured into a 4-member band, Doug Snavely: Lead/Rhythm acoustic guitar & lead vocals; Kolt Green: Lead/Rhythm electric guitar & backup vocals; Tom Gregorchik: Bass guitar & backup vocals; Dean Thomas: Drums & Percussion.

We are all born-again Christians that believe it is our duty, even more so, our mission through our unique musical talent to spread the Word of God, furthering His kingdom. We are aware that our audience may not be saved and in some cases, the very first time hearing anything about Christs awesomeness and forgiveness! We believe that music is an effective tool in bringing ones walls down in conveying the Way, the Truth and the Life!

In spring of 2004, Crosswinds recorded their debut studio album and independently distributed By Your Stripes. The bands second release, Holy was also recorded later that year for a special benefit concert that featured the bands unique touch covering popular contemporary Christian songs. In between both releases, the band heavily played everywhere and anywhere in support of both albums. The band was blessed by being able to receive regional airplay of their debut album. Most recently, highlight performances include the One Voice Music Festival with the Lester Finn Experiment and the Attic Club venue in Ohio which hosts artists such as Pillar, Seventh Day Slumber and alike. Other honorable mention shows include consecutive years playing Faithfest, Praises in the Valley, New Days 26th annual banquet, a Christian ministry to at-risk youth and their families and the 1st anniversary celebrating the rescue of the 9 miners in the Quecreek mining incident.

Collectively, our mission, our goal, our purpose whatever you would like to call it is simple: save others, and by our means, through music. We do not preach, we do not condemn, we do not force our beliefs on you, we just share the gospel through having a good listening, entertaining time and if you should find yourself wanting more, simply ask and you shall receive as the good Lord says!



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Johnstown, PA


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