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Crimson Moonlight


Genres: Death Metal / Christian / Metal

Location: Stockholm, Sweden

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Members: Pilgrim - Vocals, Per - Lead Guitar, Johan - Bass, Gustav - Drms, Erik - Guitar

Crimson Moonlight was formed in the summer of '97 with the mere intention of recording a primitive old school black metal demo and play one show before breaking up. Now, eight years later, they have just released their second full-length album, "Veil of remembrance", which once again establishes them as one of the best black metal acts of today.

Crimson Moonlight involves a lot of elements in their music; the really fast grind parts, the more technical experiences and also extreme death metal parts.

Crimson Moonlight is a genuine live act with a show that is very atmospheric and brutal. Over the past few years the band has played various shows in Scandinavia, and also toured Europe.

The Scandinavian Holocaust has begun... Veil of rememberance.


  • Matthew said:
    your metal is crazy, dudes, but you need to incorporate more vocals like ...and This Rejoice, your singer is skilled, use him! Your lyrical content is amazing, though. Keep rockin' for God! Nov 13
  • Chris Collord said:
    Keep Up the Good work gents! Feb 28
  • Adriano Underground said:
    Add Comment here... Oct 26
  • podfreak1189 said:
    Add Comment here... Aug 12
  • Cordell said:
    doooooooooooode, you guys are bad ass, love the music Jul 03
  • Only Just John said:
    you guys are aewsome!!!!!!!!!! do you know where i can get your cd in oklahoma??? Feb 28
  • zero_or_die77 said:
    you guys are AWESOME!!! Keep rockin\' for Christ. Jun 23
  • Guilliteen-ager said:
    See you guys at cornerstone! May 14

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