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Crimes Against Broadway

New music coming soon, help us spread the word!


Genres: Post Hardcore / Ambient

Location: Seattle, WA

Stats: 196 fans / 3,244 plays / 42 plays today






Members: Chad Miranda,Chris Zaragoza, Joey Knapp, Dylan Roberts, James Jagger

We are an upcoming band from the Seattle area and we strive to bring a new sound to those of you who love music like we do. If we can connect to any of you through the music that we put our heart into than we would have accomplished our goal. New stuff will be up soon, if your into what you hear keep checking back. We'll be busy the next few months writing, recording and playing as many shows as possible. Help us spread the word!


Chad Miranda- Vocals
Chris Zaragoza- Drums
James Jagger- Bass
Joey Knapp- Guitar
Dylan Roberts-Guitar


  • Lenoxx said:
    MAKE A CD. NEOW. I would buy that shit so fast. Feb 14
  • Ritzy said:
    So far I like it... Feb 07
  • anything but ordinary said:
    love how yall sound! great music!:D Jan 16
  • Dearest Maryjane; said:
    Quarter to, Quarter given. Jan 15
  • -SUGAWOLF.Auna- said:
    :D yaay a good band ! Nov 17
  • almer said:
    u guys remind me stillhaven .... Nov 05
  • almer said:
    amazing band ^^ Nov 05
  • caity_nicole said:
    So, you message me and I was like, oh no, not another. (Cos' honestly, there are some bands that suck or I just don't really like them.) But I feel guilty if I don't listen. My point to this comment? I'm glad I listened. :3 Liked it, sounds professional and all. Vocals, Instrumentals, lyrics. I'm not a professional but just saying, if I didn't know I would think that you guys were pros and all. Oct 16
  • YubiFOLDER said:
    http://www.facebook.com/pages/A-Glasshouse-For-Kristina/203730546585#!/pages/A-Glasshouse-For-Kristina/203730546585?sk=app_178091127385 pls like my friends band. :) Oct 16
  • almer said:
    nice music i like it ^^ Aug 02
  • Sal :D said:
    Wow.... you guys are like, breathtaking :) Jul 14
  • SimplyDurham(Taken) said:
    Haha why is it all girl comments?just sayin' I like the sound Jul 10
  • Anahi Montano said:
    you guys are amazing!...i think i just found a new favorite band May 19
  • Hugo Dean said:
    Holy shitcrackers you guys are fudging amazing. PLZ PLZ PLZ come out with more stuff PLZZZ. P.S. i voted for you guys. keep up the awesome work May 08
  • Clunk said:

2010 Demo

No release date


Coventry, United Kingdom

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Coventry, United Kingdom

Mabel Weaver

Slough, United Kingdom

Yair Scabbia

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Cavite, Philippines


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