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  • said:
    u guys r awesome yall rock can yall plz put up with arms wide open i love that song plz put it up lov u guys bye Aug 24
  • philipphunderground said:
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  • cacasheetpipi said:
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  • said:
    i love you guys! one last breath... gosh what can i say... amazin song....can\'t help but sing along it\'s so good Apr 10
  • said:
    pretty amazing, stay HxC for Christ! Apr 06
  • $Black Parade At The Disco$ said:
    U GUYZ ARE SIMPLY AWESOME!!! One of my best friends thats at the same time my little sister (long story) really got me into U guyz. THANK U, NADJA!! I LOVE U TO DEATH! Later Mar 31
  • RayLeigh said:
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  • x9xlivesxtoxlivexdownxtox1x said:
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  • fateunreal said:
    ur music rocks Feb 05
  • ryguy4991 said:
    You guys are a great band Jan 29
  • dantheman13 said:
    I love you guys, what happened to your band? Jan 24
  • said:
    I love how you got you music. Keep up the great work and let me know when you come out with new music. Good Luck :) Jan 23
  • darkkame said:
    wow! :D Jan 17