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Crazy Beautiful


Genres: Screamo / Hardcore / Techno

Location: Bedford, PA

Stats: 596 fans / 28,515 plays / 107 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Cody Hoover - Vox/Keys/beats, Dusty Clark - Guitar, Dustin Wigfield - Bass, Jermey Knopsnider-Gutiar

The music we write, we can't keep it one style. Blazing a path of genre's together to form a sound that is full of energy, dance rhythms, breakbeats, breakdowns, singing and screaming because its all about what we like and expressing our emotions.

Influenced by many genre's like post-hardcore, screamo, hardcore, metal, industrial and techno. If you put all of those together what do you get?
*Crazy Beautiful*
If you want to get technical about it, you could probably call us Dancecore.

The music is our passion, and our life. this wasn't an over night thing where we decided to be musicians over myspace like most people these days. Most of us been playing since we were kids. Our goal as Crazy Beautiful is to give you GREAT show and we will not stop. Our stage presence is only matched by how good the music sounds, and how easy it is to enjoy.


Crazy Beautiful was once an industrial/techno/rock one man band known as KMK in 2006 when I (Cody) found out about being able to put music on myspace. Almost immediately I was getting pages of fans a day and 300 or more plays a day until my computer crashed. Later I decided to join up and play keyboard for a band called Chiara Grey for the next year until the band got into softer music and drug abuse. I came back to find no plays or fans and I thought to myself.... I need to get this rolling again, so for months I was thinking of a new band name, writing new songs and wanting to play shows. I could not think of a band name and during that time I was dating a beautiful girl.... well, trying to date her. But she drove me crazy, I called her crazy beautiful one day and a light bulb popped over my head and I knew from that day that was the perfect band name for me. I spent the next few months in my room recording new songs and found old friends/band mates from Gift Of The Hour that was willing to play shows with me and help with studio time. In the studio Jason and I came up with Shake It and Dance (He did guitar. I did vocals/lyrics) along with all the other songs I wrote at home. The band was taking off! until long distance's kept the members apart from me. Then I found Dusty who has been with me ever since playing guitar. After that, and many other members we found Dustin and then Zach. But Zach lived far away AND was causing WAY to much drama with everyone and everything so we replaced him with Jeremy who seems to fill the 2nd guitar slot just fine. We are playing shows with no drummer (We like to program them ourselves because we haven't found anyone that fits us yet). We have light's, originality, and craziness to make up for it. Besides Shake It! and Dance all of the original songs were written by Cody in the one man band days. The new demo's that are up currently are from either Cody alone, or with the help of Dusty. BUT! Full band songs are coming along and everyone is doing a good job at keeping the crazy beautiful vibe alive. The new songs will melt your face or give you an amazing headache that will be come so addicting that you'll have to listen to our songs over and over again.


  • DjToukilla said:
    this reminds me so much of enter shikari with a twist i love the sound boys!!! check out my stuff on my page or at http://www.facebook.com/welaughlove keep up the hard work!!! Jan 22
  • Kylara said:
    I love this!!! NIIIIICCCCEEEE XD May 21
  • JonnyTee said:
    Fucking awesomee May 10
  • JamesBRaaaa said:
    these guys are pritty fucking awsome!! May 10
  • Dita said:
    hey, check out my side project called Crown Ether at http://purevolume.com/CrownEther, thanks! May 06
  • AnnaZel said:
    Hey ^-^ Is there anyway to get the new songs from your myspace or are you guys making a cd or something? love the songs Apr 11
  • sabaksumbadakam said:
    jeez! awesome songs man! amazing! Apr 07
  • ieatzombies said:
    need more songs up :) but AHHHHHmaising :) Mar 29
  • Drewbedobedo said:
    you guys are amazing please put up more songs Mar 18
  • Get On The Fucking Dancefloor! :] said:
    Omg i love all your songs :D Im in loce with shake it :D And in Ecstasy of your touch i love the eay you say "I know that it's a mistake but I can't resist the ecstasy of your touch, the look in your eyes makes me feel so alive and only time will tell" i must have listened to it 20 times 2day already :D Feb 08
  • Survivethenight! said:
    you guyz sound like youve been rockin for a lifetime!! :D Check out my music :) Deathcab For Cutie and Plain White T's Remixes!! http://www.purevolume.com/Survivethenight62836 Electronica/Techno/Christian Influenced by Nickasaur!, Owl City, Hurry! Lets Go, Breathe Carolina, Breathe Elecric, and hellogoodbye. thnx a bunch :D Feb 06
  • Shannie! said:
    omg u guyz rock!! Jan 09
  • Anagabriel. said:
    i think i just fell in love. you guys are AmAZiNG! :] Dec 25
  • Stephany Antipathy said:
    AMZAZING. I agree with ninja, how on earth r chu not completely famous yet?? 0-o Keep it up :D Dec 03
  • Doomsday said:
    you guys rock your my favorite bannd Nov 19


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