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Crash Street Kids


Genres: Rock / Pop Punk / Powerpop

Location: Phoenix, AZ

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4 tracks

Members: A.D. Adams, Ryan McKay, Ricky Serrano, Ryan \"Deuce\" Gregory


Hot in the City by Kevin Wierzbicki

If you're not already familiar with this great band, the subtitle of the album, The Supersonic Star Show Part II, should give you an idea of what to expect. Take the lyrical style of T Rex's Marc Bolan and put it to a Cheap Trick riff and you have "Space Rock Time Bomb;" "Space rock time bomb/Junior's got the Tommy gun/Detonate the last hurrah now." CSK have definite glam leanings but it seems that they are equally influenced by bands that are big on "show" but that you wouldn't consider glam. Singer Ryan McKay can sound a lot like Paul Stanley and much of Chemical Dogs is played in a style that could easily go head to head with Kiss. "Mandy and the Leapers" features a more eloquent vocal and sounds like something 10CC might have done back when Godley & Creme were still in the band. The group shows that they're comfortable with the spotlight dimmed a little, too, with a quiet acoustic (and Bowie-esque) number "Mr. Starlight." Mott the Hoople is the mentor for "It's a Killer" but "Penthouse," sung by bassist "Deuce" Gregory is back to a Cheap Trick buzz. It's nice to hear a band that doesn't try to do everything---Crash Street Kids have picked out a style that they obviously love and it shows in their work. Fun stuff!

Having blown me away with their debut album, 'Let's Rock And Roll Tonite', Crash Street Kids return with their highly anticipated sophmore release, 'Chemical Dogs'. The new album is raw attitude filled rock in its songwriting approach with emphasis on big throbbing hooks, sharp production, and execution. The title track opens the album on a sneer and a bristling beat, and then "Space Rock Time Bomb" announces the band's intent to get your rocks off in a serious way. "Motor City Nazz" and "Sweet Sexation" are pure glam rockers that echo the ghost of Marc Bolan and old T. Rex. The evolution of this band has grown ten fold. Proving they are well on their way in becoming the "SUPERSONIC ROCK AND ROLL KINGS OF THE SCENE". Invigorating album that combines many styles in a melting pot and never looses momentum. Overall, this is a must-hear record, and I recommend it highly. 'Chemical Dogs' bonifide rock and roll recording is sure to satisfy! What are you waiting for then?!! Get your hands on this CD and "COME DIG THE SUPERSONIC STAR SHOW"! - The Atomic Chaser

Crash Street Kids Chemical Dogs could be mistaken for some great lost glam-rock concept album of the pre-punk 70s, a spirited retelling of The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars with elements of Mott the Hoople, T. Rex, Kiss and Alice Cooper adding to the fun. As such, it comes as no surprise to hear the Kids admit the whole thing started as a weekly glam rock listening party. But theyve done the sound and vision of their inspirations proud on this, their second full-length concept album, a record as dark and dramatic as David Bowie in his mullet-rocking prime and topped with flashes of humor and the kind of hooks that could have topped the U.K. pop charts with the right amount of glitter. The first song they wrote was a dare to see if they could come up with a new song that Kiss should have written to flesh out Destroyer, but the music on Chemical Dogs is more sophisticated. And they back it up in local bars with a stage show as over-the-top as Spinal Tap (or Bowie) with cheerleaders, ramps and balloons filled with money. -- Ed Masley



Chemical Dogs

Feb 20, 2007