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2006 Summer Tour Recap (part 1)

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Ok, so it's been two weeks since we got home from tour and now we're putting up our tour diary. What can I say, I'm Spanish and I'll probably be late to my own funeral too:)

We started it all off in Virginia Beach for the Warped Tour. Five dudes in a van. This time, Omar and his keen sense of pitch and time management; the ambiguously bass Raul; the Asian Sensation whos bringing stripy back YEAH! Chaucer, and introducing Josh You stole my girlfriend in Kindergarten Howe on board as tech, cameraman and friend.

It was a bright sunny day in Virginia Beach. We set up camp, found out were playing at 12:30 on the Ernie Ball Stage, the doors opened and the madness of the Warped tour has begun.

This is the first time in over a year that CBB has been in VA Beach so we had to reach out extra hard with passing out flyers to kids we didnt know. Big ups to Demas The Thief and Voo Doo Blue, both friends of ours from our local DC area who played before and right after us. So once Demas ended their amazing set we had 5 minutes to set up and sound check. We were really rushed and before you knew it our set was over. We played 7 songs. The crowd grew more and more as we played, and its things like that that make me feel like we really DO have a cool thing going here if complete strangers will stop what theyre doing to see us.

So the set ended and for the rest of the day most of us chilled at out tent to meet new people while some of us ventured out to check out some of the bands we like. I got to see the Sounds for the first time (I love that band) and later bought their album. Raul got to see Meg and Dia and left that My Space tent totally in love with Meg. So Meg if youre reading this, Raul says hioh and never mind all the girls on his My Space page, theyre all like sisters to him.

At around 5 oclock we decided to pack up and head over to a beach house we were invited to for pie and soda. We had a 13 hour trip ahead of us to Cincinnati so we beached it up for a hot second and then called it a night.

See you in Cincinnati.


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