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Genres: Acoustic / Ambient / Experimental

Location: Mc Dade, TX

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4 tracks

Members: Kyle Baker, Esai Adame, Devan Carpenter, Aaron Schoch, Rebecca Hanan


So, we're Craftsmen.

My name is Kyle Baker, and I'll be your host for the next several moments of your life. May I have the pleasure to introduce you to a few of my friends?

This is Esai Adame- Esai rocks. Literally and figuratively. I mean, seriously, look at this guy's hair. Influences are lots of metal and classic rock, with a hint of acoustic what-have-you. his favorite guitar players are Randy Rhoads, Alexi Laiho, Dimebag Darrell and many more. He enjoys Ben Kweller's stuff and things like Muse and most bands along the lines of Guns N' Roses, Ozzy, and stuff like that also tickle his proverbial fancy.

Next is Aaron Schoch- Mr. Schoch has an excellent last name, and makes the atmosphere just right, both on stage and off. Ironically, he is likely the most chill guy here. Influences are Jack-Johnson and other folksy stuff, with a hint of rock.

Devan Carpenter is our add-that-sound-we-need guy- You may see him doing some volume swells on an electric bass one week, and laying down the line on a baritone uke the next. And if you're lucky, you'll see him playing a violin. Devan and I have been trading music for a while now, and so you will see the two of us listing the likes of Dustin O'Halloran, Sufjan Stevens, The Postal Service, Zoë Keating, Imogen Heap, Coldplay, and Beirut.

You will, however, see him put Beirut a bit higher than myself, while I'll favor Zoe Keating. I'll also add in Devics and Iron & Wine, with random sprinkled bits from everywhere (Things like SoCo have a small, special place in my heart); and I have a long history with Coldplay.

(Esai happens to hate Coldplay, mind you.)

Rebecca Hanan is Irish. That's all I have to say about that.

She'll tell you she was the first to know about Mute Math, but I'll argue and say I didn't get the CD until at least a year after I heard them, but was thinking about them the whole time.

Seriously, though, we all have a thing for Mute Math. And lots of other stuff. Yet the sound we strive to eventually create is one all our own. We've been told we sound like The Album Leaf, only acoustic. And we've gotten Iron & Wine twice.

But make your own choice. Give us a listen. Leave us a comment. We're still carving our sound out.



Suburbian Sunrise

Feb 13, 2008

Live @ Iskra's

Jan 16, 2008


Coconut Creek, FL


Pflugerville, TX


United States

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