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Ideal Place To Get Deals On Handmade Contemporary Jewellery

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Every one of our pieces are of most noteworthy standard of configuration, material and assembling. We give our clients reasonable and wonderfully Irish outlined gems and endowments. As we are making these pieces in the North­West of Ireland, we can promise that all our adornments is high quality in Ireland utilizing current and established specialty procedures. The 32 Counties of Ireland are the subject of all our gems and endowments. We take a contemporary appoach to the state of the County. An extremely point by point diagram of the County is the aftereffect of best quality workmanship on all levels, as level pieces in valuable metal demonstrate a greatest of artisanal accomplishment. Discover your place of birth on this bit of carefully Handmade contemporary jewellery. In our workshop in Manorhamilton County Leitrim, every piece is carefully high quality with an awesome feeling of surface and composition. All pieces can be charged in 9ct/18ct white/yellow gold and platinum. Our reach is suitable for men and ladies in like manner. We take private commissions and we make exceptional high quality contemporary adornments and endowments to suit our clients whishes. Every single high quality blessing suitable for birtdays, retirements, weddings and as a goodbye to a friend or family member. We give Valentines Day tokens to men and lady. Our handcrafted contemporary adornments and blessings give the purchaser an item that has a solid relationship to the spot called home. Ireland, with the 32 Counties as a memory of spot caught in a piece that can be a token of association with home and a reference as to where the heart may be.


Posted Apr 19, 2016 at 6:11am