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Couldn't Care Less


Genres: Alternative / Punk / Rock

Location: Fenton, MI

Stats: 80 fans / 16,573 plays / 10 plays today






Members: Drew & Patrick

Seeing all the bands around trying to describe their sound and look is really a drag. So, to clear up confusion, Couldn't Care Less has arrived.

Well, let's cut to the chase. Simply listen to us and learn a little bit about us, and then decide if you like our style or not. It's as simple as that. No gimmicks, no hassle, no problem.

PureVolume CCL Updates
10/14/07: Sorry for that ridiculous wait. Here are some ridiculously awesome songs. You're very welcome.


  • thinman said:
    my band uses this www.scriggleit.com Thought you might be interested. -keep rawkin Feb 24
  • confusion_ray said:
    great music guys!! I like Aisle 4 because it\'s pretty sweet and makes sense. I plan to make my sister hear it because she used to work at Mejier! lol ^^ hope I can see you guys @ your next show!! Good luck! Dec 28
  • indulge.a.lunatic said:
    Aww.. I hate to miss the show on the 18th. :\'[ Try to plan something for sometime between Dec. 23 and Jan. 20! Do itttttttttttt.. :D Nov 09
  • confusion_ray said:
    You guys are pretty good. My cus lives in Fenton. lol Nov 06
  • Steff oh knee said:
    sup@cheu? love the songs on here.comein 2 c u 17th of november. Oct 25
  • maniacmatt10113 said:
    hey this is matt from pats SRT u guys are good ill prolly come to ur show at the highschool Oct 15
  • MusicObsess said:
    Wow! You guys are good. :) You guys sound similar to Green Day. Oct 02
  • I Objectify Tom said:
    You know what? I totally agree. Jul 28
  • indulge.a.lunatic said:
    Hey, the guitarist for this band looks like a young Bob Dylan... :) Jun 07
  • bassccl said:
    hey this band sucks.... o wait i play for this band. May 28
  • xsk8rockdrumx said:
    not bad but needs more spice and kick but other than that i really like the old punk feel it kicks some serious fucking ass because not many peeps go for that sound anymore and it\'s nice to see go look for Dark Havok on myspace and check out my band we are just starting but were ok May 24
  • freeskier28 said:
    kinda of an old green day sound....hmmm...niiiice May 13
  • DirkaDirka said:
    Add Comment here... Feb 16
  • Timo said:
    AISLE 4! D Feb 13
  • I_dont_belive_it! said:
    What would I do without you guys? Jan 19

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