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Caring for Fashion Jewelry

Fashion jewelry is not really designed to serve you for a lifetime. However with good care and TLC you are able to prolong their lifespan and like the pleasure of using them for seasons ahead.
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Here are a few guidelines to help you look after your jewelry:

Put your jewelry on after applying perfume and hairspray. The compounds in these products will shorten the life span span of any piece.


Before jumping into a swimming pool or hot tub, remove jewelry. Needless to say it is without proclaiming that using them within the ocean needs to be avoided.

Refrain from wearing fashion jewelry while doing housework, or any other strenuous activity. Perspiration, household cleaners and obtaining them caught on things can zap the life span from including the most well-made piece.

Store your jewelry away from sunshine and extreme temperatures.

Store your jewelry separately to ensure that it fails to scratch or tangle with some other jewellery.

Clean with a baking soda based toothpaste or gentle soap. Use a soft rinse and toothbrush in warm water. Before wearing, allow to dry fully.

Sometimes despite additional care, a favourite piece will break. Most may be fixed with jump rings, new clasps and household glue. If all hope is lost, get creative. Add chains, pendants and stones to many other pieces, for a brand new look.




Posted May 06, 2014 at 9:17am