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Good Morning Fire Eater

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Added Oct 14, 2008

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Comments (14)

  • NaQuelle said:
    this is the most awesome video i've ever seen. Apr 15
  • Joel said:
    Ha I agree with Bonita. Amazing video, fits perfectly with the song! Apr 20
  • ♥Bonita♥ said:
    i totally want a paper suit of armor Jan 14
  • shame. shame. said:
    never ceases to amaze. hope halloween treated you guys well in the northland! Dec 05
  • YouthUnderMagnification said:
    awesome song perfect vid for it Dec 02
  • stillwaitingfor85 said:
    very expressionistic. i love it. Nov 11
  • KnoCloo27 said:
    I think this is a very tender sort of video, in a crazy and interesting sort of way. :) I love Copeland. Nov 03
  • Ryan. said:
    this music video is perfect. its amazing :D haha Nov 01
  • Samantha Seaver.Mhmm that's me :) said:
    LOVE Copeland and this video is really good. Makes the song that much better. :] AMAZING band for sure. Oct 27
  • Hit_man said:
    haha! I love the knight kid! Oct 23
  • Jesse said:
    wow... the song is already really good, and the video is awesome, so it just makes the song even more incredible. Oct 17
  • Mr. Juice said:
    this is an amazing video and song - alex eastwood directed it and he's a genius! Oct 16
  • makemeabeliever said:
    That was so incredibly awesome. I want to go make things out of newspaper now. Oct 15
  • beesh said:
    i love this song. Oct 14