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Genres: Metal / Metalcore / Hardcore

Location: Abertillery, United Kingdom

Stats: 2 fans / 150 plays / 6 plays today






Members: Phil - Vocals, Darryl - Guitar, Tom - Guitar, Dom - Bass Guitar, Ken - Drums

Hailing from South Wales, five-piece Continents are driven, dedicated and ready to tear up a town near you.

Since the formation of the band last year, Continents have created something special out of the best elements of hardcore, metal and punk, which has given rise to fierce, aggressive and unique songs and helped them built up a solid following around the UK.

Their live shows are constantly winning people over because of their unrelenting energy and chunky, unpredictable sound. Not to mention the wit, banter and antics that goes on between crowd and band.

Forget what you think about the UK hardcore because it’s all likely to change after their debut gets recorded this summer. Watch this space.

Continents have everything to gain and so do you.


12/12/2010 - Chaos for Cause Festival, Bristol.
As reviewed by www.southsonic.co.uk
Hailing from South Wales, Continents proved to be the choice band of the night for many thanks to a dynamic front man and a group of songs full of personality and promise. ‘Life’s A Grave (But I Dig It)’ was one of these songs; mixing up hardcore blast beats with DEP styled tech guitar meant that their set was bursting with ferocity, brashness, and hardcore tinged humour.

22/11/2010 - Sausagefest, Treforrest
As reviewed by The Green Rooms
Continents, a band that are rapidly becoming legendary in their own right, they seemed poised for success – Tearing up the place, the pit went wild with human pyramid action, a crazy wall of death and flying limbs almost everywhere! They tested out a few new unnamed songs and this gig demonstrated just how much everyone always seems to love this band. Check them out here: http://www.continentsband.com/



2010 DEMO

Jun 01, 2010