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Conflict Minerals

Show tonight at The Boardwalk, Orangevale,CA doors


Genres: Alternative / Rock

Location: Sacramento, CA

Stats: 1 fans / 35 plays / 0 plays today


Members: Quross-Lead Vocals+Brentone-Lead Guitar,Back up vocals+Badger John-Rhythm Guitar+Stoyo-Bass+Jodeen-Drums,Back up vox

Conflict Minerals
Alternative/ Rock
Management: Dify Management
Jordan Ballou -916-216-0018
Christopher Hamel -916-548-1239

In an attempt to shake up the music scene a bit,Conflict Minerals is comprised of 5 guys with vast musical influences.Their histories include Hip Hop,Metal,R&B, Classical,Blues, Rock,Rockabilly,Country and maybe even some Smooth Jazz. This melding of genres has helped create their "one of a kind" sound and will continue to be a huge part of their writing process.

More About Conflict Minerals:

Quross is a Singer/Songwriter/Musician who started playing music at young age. He began playing the piano for the children’s choir at 8 and began singing soon after. As the years past he traded a canvas he painted for his first guitar which he hasn’t put down since. He then picked up the Harmonica which was influenced by his father. Quross loves the Lime Light. His career started as a solo artist, performing on stage singing his own music. While he spent a lot of his time writing Poetry and Songs. He has now joined forces with the Band Conflict Minerals, providing the lead vocals.There are many musical influences which have molded Quross into the musician he is. From the early styles of The Temptations, “The King of Pop” Michael Jackson, Jimi Hendrix to Music Soulchild, Usher, Boyz II Men. A little Disturbed, Metallica, Tool, and System of a Down for his darker side. Those are just a few, there are too many name.

JoDeen was first introduced to drums as an early teenager,started his first band at 18 and has been playing for 10 years.He started his first band,Peclsudfkr, a speed metal band at 18.In 2003 he was drummer for Rod M.T, a local rapper. 2004 he started Soul Fashion that evolved into StereoSeam,an alternative rock duo who played locally in Sacramento.In April of 2010 he started Conflict Minerals and in May joined the Art of Life Band who has played up and down California, he has since resigned from Art of Life Band to dedicate more of his time and creativity to Conflict Minerals.Some of Jordans influences come from but are not limited to: Carter Beauford, Ginger Baker, Jose Pasillas, Lars Ulrich, Vinnie Paul, Ringo Starr and Adam Carson.

Brentone was first introduced to music as a toddler with the Piano.At age 12 he picked up his first guitar and never looked back.At age 14 he started collaberating with other musicians and has been a part of a couple projects since then.In 2009 he was lead guitarist for the Psychobilly band,The Left Hand, who has toured all over California and Nevada.He has been influenced by many styles of music and his guitar playing reflects that diversity.Brents two greatest influences have been long time friend Chris Brawley (Sac CA guitarist,drummer) and Shawn Kebiler (Greybull Wy.,guitarist) who he claims,plays like nobody else.His record collection spans from Highway Men to Atmosphere to Nekromantix and beyond.

Badger John got into guitar at a young age when he showed interest in his dads guitar. In 1995 he got his own, although it never held his full attention until 2010, he never lost interest.Now he is experimenting with other stringed instruments like Ukuleles and Mandolins. Brian has never been a part of any projects leading up to Conflict Minerals but he has studied Metallica and other great guitarists and has been in his fair share of Jam sessions. He is influenced many musicians and bands such as Death Cab for Cutie, Sage Francis, Nirvana, oldies, blues and anything in between.

Stoyo started playing electric bass in 2006. He used to play the drums when he was younger, but has always had more interest in the bass for some reason....he just loves that low tone! His band experience started as a bassist with a rock cover band. He has also played bass in a original hard rock band that disbanded in 2010. He then became the bassist in Conflict Minerals. Prior to Stoyo joining Conflict Minerals there has never been a bass in the band. There are far too many bass or music influences to list, but a few bass influences would be Justin Chancellor, Ryan Martinie, Getty Lee and of course the great Les Claypool. Stoyo really likes Roger Waters from a writing perspective and right now he is really into the Silversun Pickups, Mudvayne, Kings of Leon and Sacramento’s own Deftones. He enjoys rap bass grooves as well as the driving bass lines in hard rock. Stoyo tries to fuse the two together and just go with what feels right for the music.



2011 DEMO

No release date