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Added Aug 19, 2009

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Comments (24)

  • David said:
    Can you guys make these past videos load faster. It's a real pain having to wait fifteen minutes to load. Aug 18
  • abe said:
    that was a really good performance good job! Mar 30
  • Soleil (: said:
    Pff! es lo maximoooOO! LOS AMO (: Mar 05
  • Chaly! said:
    very good! XD! Mar 04
  • Cassandra said:
    love the vocals, the guitarists were really gd singers as well :) Jan 05
  • David said:
    Ridiculously good. At first I was kinda iffy on the vocals during the chorus but the fact that its so evenly distributed between the singer/guitarists...it blew me away. beautiful performance. Nov 11
  • RockObsesse said:
    such a powerful performance. i would love to see you guys live if you ever came to canada :) Nov 10
  • Deadman_Living said:
    u guys have some of the best music out there!!! Nov 09
  • Inadimatedreams** said:
    =] THIS IS WONDERFUL!!! Nov 09
  • ROCKINDIE21 said:
    CONDITIONS Rocks the Roll !......lol ! Oct 25
  • cody_is_legend said:
    epic. Sep 14
  • ShuxO said:
    wow! what a great voice amazing (: keep rocking Sep 12
  • JÆ follow -> @SWITCHINGTOGUNS said:
    was that a little monster promo in the breakdown? LOL! love it guys! Sep 11
  • XXxxAidenxxXX said:
    I saw them in concert and they are awesome! they are so playful! the lead singer had a rip in his shirt and we saw his riding his bike before the show! Sep 11
  • Kenneth said:
    wow, i decided to check purevolume for the first time in forever, and the first treat i get is this amazing friggin song!! the chills i have are more than i can explain. Sep 10