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Released Jul 28, 2009

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Comments (63)

  • elle said:
    you destroy yourself when you're someone else... you're intended for so much more than this!!! (embrace those lines) Mar 20
  • elle said:
    now, i can settle for these conditions... and i don't even know what that means. haha. Mar 20
  • Jared Payne said:
    www.purevolume.com/jantrock Sep 30
  • ShuxO said:
    god I love your songs! : D Jan 17
  • Jon said:
    is that thing about warped for this year? i wanna see them live soo bad Jan 13
  • Victor Alonso said:
    yoo u dudes are good no lie Jan 10
  • nessie_nena said:
    OMG!!! i dont know how i went all this time without u guys Jan 02
  • ♥.i.heart.him.17.♥ said:
    i am so madly in love with your music! get the chills just listening. amazinggg. illuminati. :) Aug 28
  • Sam said:
    been listening to your guys music since you were featured on the most recent "unsigned" thing on PV. i really dig the music and hope you guys can get through all the shit talkers (below) and hopefully get signed with a cool record label soon. Aug 26
  • international_pig said:
    As I'm sure you guys have already found out, everyone is a critic. I'm not gonna comment whether or not I like your music, because at this point, with all of these people trying to feel important by inforcing their own views and opinions, it's irrelevent. What I WILL say, is that you guys have more than my respect. Being musicians is a hard gig, and anyone of these desperate depraved naysayers below me, have not one single clue what you've had to go through to get where you are. So, keep doing what you love, and to Hell with these 16 year old punks who wanna blast some "rad" scene music in their parents cars. Aug 25
  • annitawearsprada said:
    I love u guys!!! Aug 25
  • BurnOutBrighter said:
    You guys rock. I'm buying the EP of iTunes. Aug 22
  • FreeGreenBeenz said:
    High ceilings prevent hitting your head on the ceiling fan. Aug 17
  • flyawayraex3 said:
    i like it. Aug 16
  • abe said:
    fuck these people. its business, good music keep it up. Aug 14