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Genres: Rock / Indie / Screamo

Location: Lakeland, FL

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4 tracks

Members: Bruce, Cloud.


  • Augusta Pinocheta said:
    huumm nice Jun 05
  • Raymond Gonzalez said:
    Cloud Kennedy, I missed you bro....I had been looking for your music since my CD's I bought in Jan 2003 at a club you were playing in Lakeland broke from me playing them so much....glad to see you're still at it. Sorry 'bout your lil' bro. I left that company too where we worked, but Im here in Naples. Hope to see you play again and let me know where I can buy your Album bro....I want the actual CD not an MP3, is that possible? Hit me back to know you read this....much love, Raymond Gonzalez Jun 21
  • Axel said:
    L-town holdin it down in duval Jul 09
  • Chris said:
    hey i cant buy the album, whats up with that man? im in iraq and ive been a friend od marks since highschool, how can i purchase the album? Nov 12
  • Lewie1 said:
    I love your music! Keep playing, and please!!!!!!!!!! Come play in Illinois! Mar 22
  • misselyce said:
    all downloadable. awesome. now to find my favorite......or just download them all. why not :] Mar 19
  • betweenthepages1 said:
    u guys are preety good a 7-10 haha needs more screaming for some of your songs:P Mar 18
  • said:
    i still have you guys first ep from 2001. You guys are the bomb. I saw you play at Mb3 in Lakeland. Mar 16
  • hXcdance13 said:
    mmhhm good lyrics. Mar 16
  • bostonshollywood said:
    i like it! Mar 16
  • x x I Write Sins Not Tragidies x x said:
    Wow you guys are awesome!!! Love general Warning! Mar 14

all i should have said...

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Soren Turner

Liverpool, United Kingdom

Earl Reed

Basildon, United Kingdom


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