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Main medical effects of the rosmarinic acid

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March 12, 2015-Chengdu-Today, the famous Corosolic acid supplier Chengdu Biopurify Phytochemicals., Ltd will tell you the detailed information about the medical effect of rosmarinic acid.

First, rosmarinic acid has very good Anti-nephritic effect and it could inhibit the proliferation of mesangial cell and the expansion of the glomerular.

Second, this acid could also play the role of anti-hepatitis. In detail, the rosemary acid can reduce the LPS induced liver injury ad obviously inhibit the increasing of the aminotransferase levels.

Thirdly, it could also help to prevent the pneumonia.

Fourthly, this medicine also has very good anti-arthritic effect. Cordycepin can inhibit collagen-induced arthritis and then significantly reduce the number of affected joints.

Fifthly, the effect of anti-periodontitis is another crucial feature of this medicine. The rosmarinic acid can inhibit the formation of bacterial plaque thereby preventing the chronic gingivitis.

Sixthly, this medicine also has good effect of anti- dermatitis.

The Rosmarinic acid also has very good anti-viral function. The following information is the detail about this.

Anti-herpes virus

Rosemary will show very active feature when it meet with the type I and type co show simplex virus. It could be regarded as an effective ingredient to control the disease. In addition to its antiviral activity of certain inhibiting viral life cycle activity, it could also quickly combine with the viral coat protein binding thereby inactivate viruses.

Anti-encephalitis virus

Rosmarinic acid can be used for reducing the Japanese encephalitis virus and significantly reduced virus load.

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Posted Mar 23, 2015 at 8:10am