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Debut EP "Is This Life?" AVAILABLE NOW!


Genres: Rock / Alternative

Location: Monmouth County, NJ

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Members: Gunnar - Guitar/Programming : Craig - Drums : Zack - Guitar/Vocals : Gary - Bass : Matt - Guitar

We are COCO

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Debut EP "Is This Life?"



  • Amost said:
    hii do you help me to play my band ? www.purevolume.com/kritisk , thanks :) Dec 10
  • Natalie said:
    Hi guys, You remind me of the band Panic At The Disco. Good sound. Keep up the good work. =) Sep 11
  • Charlie said:
    I so want to hear more I love it Jul 03
  • Єναŋ said:
    cool song, cant wait to hear more :) May 28
  • Stephanieelove said:
    amazing May 24
  • Sandy said:
    With a grand holy shit tone she declared, "Yes." May 22
  • Kim said:
    Sounds pretty AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! May 13
  • Ana Lucia C. said:
    Yep! I Love it :) May 13
  • ༺ღ ℜaveη ღ༻ said:
    Awesome. Looking forward to hearing more from you. (ړײ) May 12
  • Nichole Dash said:
    I'm going to be honest, I fell in love... May 10
  • Blasphemy! said:
    usually when a band suggests i listen to them, i get all "i could be a producer, lets get super critical". so about 14 second into in london i was just enjoying the crap out of it. you guys sound great. get some more stuff up here May 10
  • JUSTIN said:
    great! May 09
  • Ben said:
    wowzers May 09
  • Katie said:
    I love you guys May 08
  • JustNoRegrets said:
    OMG AWESOME *___* May 08

Is This Life?

Jun 02, 2012

Ryan Hunt

Colchester, United Kingdom


United Kingdom


Hollywood, CA


Borden, IN


United States

Lani ♥

Adelaide, Australia

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