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"Paramore" fans will like this! (Columbiana)

Tell me what you think of" don't waste your time"


Genres: Powerpop / Alternative / Christian

Location: Harvest, AL

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4 tracks

Members: mark (guitars,vocals,drums,whatever)


Hey guys!! :)
Thanks so much for checking me out!! I am just getting started and recording my own songs right now, so it would be awesome if you checked them out! I have only been playing for awhile and im not that great. But i have been writing a lot of songs of late and would love to hear your thoughts. I am a Christian and proud of it! I hope that my music can uplift or help in some way. And I really hope someone will like my music, If you do feel free to comment! I really need your support so tell your friends and download songs and all you can!
love you all,

here is my myspace page

Like I said, Tell Your Friends


  • Peace.Love.Truth5o1 said:
    i'm looking forward to more songs:D Mar 19
  • shyanne said:
    I find your songs inspirational:) I love it:) Feb 03
  • masashi said:
    hi friend Jan 13
  • s[he] be[lie]ve[d] said:
    You sound pretty good, keep it up =) Sep 30
  • Alex :D said:
    really cute. Sep 19
  • Cara L. said:
    woah. I have one super talented friend. :) Aug 10
  • kash hoe said:
    great ur songs r cute C= Aug 07
  • hEcTiC hAnNaH said:
    yer gud wen u dnt jazz it all up with the autotune, it takes away from yer amazing voice, u can rlly hear u voice more in the first song, and its amazing, but the gutar, duznt seem in sinc with the song rlly, but yer voice is awesome, just calm down with the autotune~love ya all!!! u guys r amazing Jun 30
  • Dita said:
    nice! hey, come check out my project called Crown Ether at http://purevolume.com/CrownEther, thanks! May 24
  • Shauna said:
    keep on it :) Dec 19
  • Jake said:
    great stuff Dec 17
  • MusicXray said:
    Have you thought about creating a music xray here http://www.musicxray.com/promote-your-music and then submit it to our opportunities here http://www.musicxray.com/submit-your-music Also, you can use the music xray on your site as well or share it through other social media tools. And remember they are free to create and you have a permanent url! Dec 07
  • Becca. said:
    Hey, long time no talk. I love your new stuff. Nov 27
  • Line said:
    Your good(: Nov 20
  • jesus freak10 said:
    hey your really gud i like the sound ! Nov 18

The Summers Sun EP

Jul 15, 2009

Fall Ep

No release date


No release date

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Claudia Stanley

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