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Energy boosters are little pills which have a big effect. They offer a man-made rush of energy, when taken, that may help you stay going for hours, and hours.

Several kinds of energy pills are available, and while they use different mechanisms to provide you with the boost, the overall effect is identical. A fast, somewhat lasting, burst of energy to give you the drive you'll need when it matters.

Traditionally, these pills were popularized among athletes for performance improving purposes. A track athlete would swallow or dissolve one before a big race. A football player would drop one into his water bottle before the game.

Less competitive sports like cheerleading rely on them, to maintain our prime energy required, while keeping your brain focused. Although, originally used by athletes, there's no reason why the rest of us shouldn't take advantage of their effects.

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Whenever a businessman, through stress, or whatever, includes a sleepless night, why shouldn't he take one to keep him awake and functional during an important meeting?

Whenever a college student stays up studying for his final exams, and feels to tired each morning to complete well, why don't he take on so he can keep a clear head, to obtain the grade he worked so difficult for? My point is that we all, at one time or other, need an energy boost, from time to time, and we shouldn't hesitate to use what gets the job done.

You might be wondering how these energy boosters work? Most, if not all, work by artificially boosting your body's metabolic rate, in some way, which in turn, directly, converts to a higher degree of energy.

This can be accomplished through caffeine, a stimulant drug that speeds up the chemical processes, in our bodies, and therefore metabolism. Also, some pills are specially formulated to make use of glucose(sugar) as a stimulant, due to the natural result of the body to a sudden rise in glucose levels - increased rate of metabolism. This "sugar rush" is viewed a lot in hyper-active kids and is effective at getting a, somewhat older, tired body going like new.

Before you take these energy pills, however, there are some things you need to note. Like most good things, the effects aren't forever(often a few hours towards the better a part of each day), and you'll need to take one every time you need that extra energy.

Also, that saying "too a good thing" is suitable, when you begin taking it religiously, even when unnecessary. They're best used only if you'll need an extra boost because, when used constantly, without need, the PERCEIVED effect is going to be less when you are getting accustomed to our prime energy feeling.

In summary, energy boosters are great, in moderation, and can make, previously difficult, tasks easier. When they can't replace a good night's rest, they do keep you going considerably longer, when sleep isn't/wasn't an option.

Posted Mar 31, 2013 at 4:36pm